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    I want to cut our dog's fur (golden retrievers) so they are more comfortable this summer, and also cut down on the hair in the house!

    I'm considering the Oster Golden A5 and get the gauge blocks to go over the blades. These appear to be a "professional" grade, I don't want to replace them in a year or two.

    Anybody have any experience with pet clippers?

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    For home use, your Oster A5's will last the rest of your life and then some. If something were to happen to them, Oster sells a full line of replacement parts.

    Keep your blade clean and oiled.

    I use an Oster A5 DAILY in an emergency veterinary setting. That means cutting bloody fur, matted fur, fur loaded with ****, fur that is scabbed together, whatever....and they push through it like a tank, as long as your blades are in good shape.

    Can't go wrong with an Oster, or an Andis (professional grade on both). All of the blades are interchangeable.

    Just one word of warning, getting a nice even cut is more difficult than it would seem. Make sure you have cool lube, and check the blade often for temperature (place the flat of the blade on your wrist)...the blades can get hot.

    Seriously though, I can't speak highly enough of there products. It's a tested design, and it's been in going strong for 30+ years. Sorta like the original singer sewing machine. Professional grade clippers are meant to take a beating day in and day out, and keep performing for years. The most common damage is dropping them, and like I said, in that case, there are replacement parts available from Oster.


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      I have a set of Andis clipper that I use...Just as expensive as any other pro clipper...Based on past experience, you get what you pay for...I tried to start with a set of $50 clippers and got pissed... then spent $140 on a nice set and the difference is nite and day.

      Spend the extra bucks a the correct blade to put on, dont use attachments... They will piss you off... I think my blade is an A5 that I use on my poodle..

      I shave my poodle 3x a year and the clippers saved me money after the 2 time.

      Use a cool spray.


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        Two questions.

        Why won't the blade guage things work? My wife uses them on me?!

        Second, what is the cool lube, cool spray?

        Thanks for the replies.


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          blade gauges kinda work...They are a pain to deal with because they slip off, you have less versatility in operation and the little tabs that is used to hold them on break..

          Might be different on your dogs, but on my poodle, the fur can be thick and tough, and you plow through it much easier with the correct blade.

          The cool spray/lube is just an aerosol can that you spray on the blades...They lube the blades and cool them down...They will get pretty warm after about 10mins of use.

          I purchased my clippers at a standard pet store and they had the cool spray/lube right there...


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            I'm a Veterinary Surgeon, and absolutely agree that Oster are your best bet. Also would recommend their Elite blades for durability. Regarding use of stand offs or gauges, you don't actually need them for dog grooming. Much better to use a fairly broad coars toothed metal comb and run the clippers down the flat of the comb at the desired length of cut.
            West Sussex UK