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    I don't denounce anyone from the South, unless they advocate slavery. I don't denounce the Jews unless they create unfair trade practices or oppress the Palestinians. I don't denounce the Bush family unless they advocate the seditious views of the Skull and Bones society. Investigate on your own, and tell me if what I say next is true or not.

    Prescott Bush (George Bush Sr.'s father) sold steel and substantial war material and also protected the assets of the Nazis during WWII. Our government seized the assets of several corporations run by Prescott Bush.]

    Prescott Bush was renown in the Skull and Bones Society in 1918 for having grave robbed the skull of Geronimo to place it on the shelves of the Skull and Bones headquarters at Yale University.

    Our Presidents brother once offered the skull of a young Indian boy (who?)(In the place of geronimo's skull) to the Indian tribe to settle the matter and promise them to silence, but they didn't go for it.

    There is a relationship in the Skull and Bones to the Nazi SS skull and bones symbols and several of the few accounts available of the "inner sanctum" of the Skull and Bones society mention an alter to the SS complete with swastika's.
    There is also a room with stolen license plates from every state in the US with the symbolic number 322.

    This wouldn't be as disturbing to me if there weren't so much death related to it, then and now. There are so many seditious leaders and so many suspicious deaths.

    Operation Artichoke and many many other programs are directly related to this group and subversion and most Americans and especially the Republicans know nothing about any of it.

    Even now the Republicans are trying to change the Constitution of the United States to allow a foreign born person to become the President of the United States. Their object can only be Arnold Schwarzenegger and although he admires Hitler, he hasn't even yet been a successful Governor.
    Even though he is sworn to defend it.


    If there is any assertion here that anyone would like more information on, just ask me. There is much supporting evidence from disparate/unrelated sources. When you look into a true story you will find almost every source tracable right down to the facts. I've found these tracable and credible.

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      Gee,I hope you don't drive a Ford,because if you do it might interest you that Ford never had any of its plants in Germany siezed by the Nazi's and none where siezed here either.

      Did you know that Henry published and printed a complilation of articles he published over the years and titled them "The International Jew",and did you know that he even placed a copy in each new model"T' he sold for a number of years?What about that?

      Or did you know that Mitsubishi made dive bombers that killed American servicemen on WWII?

      Or did you know that Charles Lindberg was also "in it with Ford"?

      Or did you know that liberal federal judges are breaking and have been breaking the law and the constitution for decades by "making law"

      Did you know that federal judges regularly trump ballot decisions made by the people,(and no not the 2000 election,I'll explain this one more time just incase you don't get it)

      Did you know that Ted Kennedy killed a young woman while driving under the influence(or so he claims)Did you know his cousin killed a girl in cold blood with a golf club?

      Did you know that 67 people the Clintons knew on a first name basis died in plane crashes?(should be in Guiness)

      Did you know that Al Gore smoked and I quote his best friend here"everything he could get his hands on"?

      Did you know that U.S.Army tanks on loan to civilian authorities(violates posse comitatus)under the control of one Wesley Clark where involved in running through a building full of women and children at WACO?

      Did you know that Janet Reno sent in paramilitary storm troopers to kidnap and send back to an oppressive communist regiem and what was he 8 year old kid,at gun point?

      Did you know that Bill Clinton the president of the United States at the time was impeached for covering up crimes that he himself commited?

      We could go on and on forever with this one,maybe you sould quit while your ahead?

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      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Oh and I have literaly 1,000s more points and proof!
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          I hate to be a party pooper but I don't think politics is a good topic for this website.

          Political discussion has a way of turning into flaming contests and tons of ill will. There's plenty of political discussion message boards.

          Here's one where Prescott Bush and his alleged deeds are now under discusion:


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            Hi Weird,
            I have known for many years that Henry Ford was pro Nazi and also a eugenics proponent and also a white supremist. I have never owned a ford until the last 3 years. I knew Charles Lindberg respected the Nazis and warned the US Government about the aeronautical superiority of the Nazis. He was loyal to the US and flew missions against the Nazis.
            I don't know of Judges breaking or making law.
            I know of the evidence of Ted Kennedy’s and also his cousin’s crimes.
            I don't know about the Clinton friends that died in a plane crash.
            I am not surprised if Al Gore smoked pot. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.
            I don't think Wesley Clark was involved in WACO. If he were I would have to re-evaluate my support of him.
            I followed and I understand the reasoning in sending that Cuban kid back to his rightful father in Cuba. As a father it was the right thing to do in my opinion regardless of nationality.

            Bill Clinton was impeached for getting a blowjob.

            Weigh that against the LIES that take our nation to war. Bill Clinton's wife may have been concerned with the first issue, and the second issue concerns the wives and mothers of the hundreds of dead and injured sons and husband soldiers in our military.

            I was an adamant supporter of the war as readers of this site may attest.

            Iraq had nothing to do with it and doesn’t seem to have been an imminent threat to us. Afghanistan was a righteous target because of the Taliban.

            Saudi Arabia was the cause of the attack on the World Trade Towers. They paid for it, and they also paid a reward to each of the families of all the attackers. These people, and the Bin Laden family and other Saudis, are the only people that were allowed to fly two military aircraft on September 12, 2001, on the specific OK of Dick Cheney (another Bonesman and Carlyle group member (oil interests)) There is more information that everyone should be prepared for.

            I don’t make this stuff up. This is the real deal. I won’t commit suicide. If I die this year I hope someone picks up my torch. There are lists of suspicious suicides believe it or not. It will scare you to know, but you must know if it is the truth.

            The good he attain by displacing Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden is only eclipsed by the fact that we don't know where either one of these frickin tyrants are
            I also read that there were some unexplained delays in the results of the DNA tests of the supposed sons of Saddam Hussein. Is that question settled or is it not? I wouldn't be surprised if is not. It wouldn’t take this long if it was true.


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              I agree with Forest on political stuff. All you bitter, frustrated socialists please keep it to yourselves or go on all the bull**** sites that are available such as the ones mentioned. This topic is offensive here.


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                I heartily agree. I come here for the cameraderie and the raw technical knowledge.

                Do yourself a favor- take your argument, any argument, any of you, especially one you feel strongly about (be it religion, gun control, poltics, Mac vs. PC, Ford Vs. Chevy, ad nauseum) and head over to The Straight Dope.

                Go over to the Message Boards, and fire away. Better yet, do a search on your topic first- chances are, it's already been discussed at extensive, detailed length.

                The Dope is the forge by which ignorance is shaped into knowledge. It is the anvil on which stupidity wrought out of the mind, and the wheel upon which the new knowledge is honed.

                Posts such as that which led off this thread, are dissected, analyzed and purified. It reads like a chain-letter Email that has a bunch of semi-true factoids connected with a bunch of wild innuendo and passed around without any real fact-checking.

                Feel strongly about this? Fine. Let's see you argue it at the Dope. Best get your ducks in a row and be prepared to cite chapter and verse. An unattributed spam Email isn't a cite.

                Don't want to argue it in public and in the light of reason? Then I guess you don't feel all that strongly about it. You'd rather just repeat half-truths and outright lies 'cause you don't like the person or persons they denigrate? It makes you feel better, does it?

                If you can honestly say you are looking for the Truth- whether that truth is good or bad, whether it goes with or entirely against your opinions and mindset, then I very strongly suggest seeing what the Dope has to say. If it is the truth, they will say so. If it isn't, they'll tell you.

                If you'd prefer to just sit back and believe it's true, for whatever reason, well, I guess that's fine too- I'm sure you can find all sorts of boards full of the ignorant who will welcome such tripe at face value. But this isn't the place for that- this board is here to promote knowledge and improve the skills of the readers. Your post does neither.

                Just for example, I took it upon myself to Google "geronimo's skull". Even though a great many hits are found, a very large percentage of them use key phrases like "alledgedly" and "supposedly" and "are rumored to have" and "so we're told". Many of the rest are reprints of two editorial columns dating to before the 2000 election, and the remainder are hawking a book about the "secret" club.

                Tell me, are these facts? Repetition does not make an anecdote into a fact.

                Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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                  I agree that we should limit the discussion to on-topic items.

                  For instance, if we want to talk about conspiracies, what about that guy that heard that rumor about someone finding an article written about someone that once over heard some bloke that worked for a machining coolant company? That guy claimed that they were secretly putting addictive aromatic components in the coolant. Seems the more you use it, the more you keep using it. Soon, you are out buying new machines ... Just to use even more coolant.

                  Anyone confirm that?



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                    Oooo! Marv has a point except I think it's either radiation from the cast iron or the tungsten fumes from hot tooling that hooks a ordinary sensible guy into this ridiculous trade. But it might be coolant. Even though I'm attracted to machine tools havingno coolant system I still brush the stuff on or squirt it from a spritz bottle.

                    I never tried to drink it. Hmm. A twist of lime with the Houghton's cut Max?


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                      Yeah, politics piss me off. This is not the place for it.

                      As a individual I have no power, If I join a group that thinks the same as I do, I am to be watched by the goverment.

                      Do you think even your email and phone conversations are safe? Type a few keywords.

                      I am a creature stuck in the political tide.
                      Most judges need hanged, Most politicians need a ride on a rail after being tarred and feathered. Most Americans are too stupid to even care, as long as they have beer and sit-coms to watch they would give up thier firstborn.

                      Of course, these are just my private views.



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                        Isn't this a machining board?
                        I know politics are discussed from time to time but more as an aside than an actual topic.
                        While I'm sure the nefarious dealings of the Bush ancestry are fascinating to some, here they just get in the way.
                        If I want to find out about the Bush family I am capable of finding what I need someplace else on the internet.
                        Its difficult enough digetsing all the great information here without getting sidetracked by politics.
                        There. I've said my piece.


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                          This is a fo-rum; one of this word's definitions is , "an assembly for the discussion of public affairs or current questions".

                          These addictive forums provide me with a pleasantly entertaining and informative substitute for those "lunchtime breaks" with that group of men whose company I enjoyed (most of the time) for over a quarter of a century. After all, a shop full of machine tools does not provide much in the way of camaraderie or provide the inspirational spark to new ways of performing operations. I find there is just no satisfactory substitute for the human input.

                          So, I say enjoy the encyclopedic wisdom of Dave "Thrud" , the shop smarts of Wierd (Gosh, I wish you would spell that correctly), the experience of Forrest, the humanity of Alistair, the mind opening comments of Evan and all the other savants, the occasionally amateurish questions of beginners that remind me of my own TOTAL trade ignorance when I began learning this trade 58 years ago.

                          I close with this reminiscence; Shortly after entering the big shop from the apprentice shop one of the old timers, who noticed my hesitancy to approach journeymen for advice, said to me, "kid don't be afraid to ask for advice, remember you are asking for an OPINION when you ask for advice and EVERYONE LIKES TO BE ASKED FOR THEIR OPINION!"

                          Happily, here we do not have to ask we can just pour out our feelings and needs. Enjoy.



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                            Radiation is a good theory, but I thought that mostly impacted potential off-spring. That sounds like a genetic based conspiracy theory to me. I think the aromatic coolant theory is different.

                            As for the coolant itself, I wouldn't drink it. Too much too fast could be deadly. Besides, was that lime a fruit or the stuff you put on the lawn? I think the stuff for the lawn may be better.



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                              I visited those links above, except for the "straight dope." I'll visit that next. I like to hear other opinions and information. Maybe they can explain to me why these things shouldn't matter to me. I have gone from supporting Bush to considering him a threat to the American Constitution and way of life and also to the rest of the world. I have decided to do my ranting where it will do some good. I am creating an email ring for my local precinct. I've contacted my county seat and I've contacted my Precinct Chair for the Democratic party. I will contact every voter in my precinct and ask them if they want to join my list. Maybe that will let me let off steam and many of you won't be forced to read it.
                              Those Nazis really made good machines though.


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