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  • Where's me white stick ?

    On Wednesday 16 September 2009 there was a
    collision between a Dublin tram and a Dublin bus.

    Now look closer, below, at the ad on the side of
    the bus that the tram went into.


    ‘nuf said!

    I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure , but I'm not a complete idiot - some bits are still missing

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    Hint: posting links that are infact e-mail attachments is not going to work on any remotely secure e-mail service.
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      OUCH !

      took some time but found the image you were talking about

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        Obviously the tram driver's fault for not getting out of the way!

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          Slightly off topic but it is still about trams.
          Years ago I had a paper loose leaved book about tram reminiscences and some of the tricks they got up to.

          Apparently early trams had open worms and wheels for the rear ends with just a pan underneath to hold the thick oil required. These had a nasty habit of snapping the brackets and dragging the pan along under the tram because they were that low to the ground there wasn't enough clearance for it to get clear.

          The remedy was to find a manhole in between the track, lift it and send the conductor down the hole and the driver would drive over slowly and the conductor had to catch this pan full of hot oil as it passed over without tipping it.

          From the jovial way it was written it wasn't an easy task

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            The same thing has happened in Houston where a bus hit the train. Two incidents at the same intersection.. I doubt glasses would help.


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              Originally posted by Black_Moons
              Hint: posting links that are infact e-mail attachments is not going to work on any remotely secure e-mail service.
              Sorry, I though it had worked cos I posted, logged out & back in & it was there .

              My process -
              open e-mail,
              block the part I want to send,
              R clik copy,
              come into forum (start new thread),
              paste & write title,
              go out > in later all seemed ok

              Were did I go wrong


              I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure , but I'm not a complete idiot - some bits are still missing


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                Obviously the tram driver's fault for not getting out of the way!
                When one of my sisters was at about 8 or so, she thought that being a tram driver must be a very difficult job. Always ster precisely to follow the tracks.

                I knew a tram driver personally. Once a year, he had an tram accident (making them was kind of an hobby for him). His nickname was Traminator.

                One of his accidents was with a woman making a left turn ignoring the tram. Traminator went to the car, asking wether everything is OK. "Yes". "And how is the dog?" "What dog?". "Your guide dog!". That really upset the woman who was shure it was the tram drivers fault not to go out of here way.
                Later when the police arrived, she compained about him insulting here with the guide dog. The police men had a hard time fighting to laugh out loud.



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                  Speaking of Seeing Eye Dogs... years ago (decades now!) I was in a restaurant trying to order a meal, but the waitress was deliberately ignoring me...she had served the others at the table but I was a couple of minutes late to arrive and she was pretending I wasn't there (lots of customers)...hard to do since I was making myself very obvious but in a totally appropriate manner. Anyways, when she finally decided she couldn't ignore me any longer (the other customers started to notice she was deliberately ignoring me), she did take my order. When I finished ordering I told her quite as if it were an afterthought "Oh, and get a biscuit for your Seeing Eye Dog also." Lets just say her reaction was worth the wait. lol
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                    Originally posted by jugs
                    Sorry, I though it had worked cos I posted, logged out & back in & it was there .
                    Some operating systems / browsers are set up to not only look to the web site your posting to but they are also set to look in specific locations on your hard drive. That is to say, you may have copied the text and such, placed it in the text window, but when your browser displays the information and it does not have data from the web for a photo that is shown on the page, it may also look into a location on your hard drive for the photo. If it is on your hard drive only, we will never see it.

                    This bbs does not store photos so you have to either load them to a hosting site on the net or copy the photos location on the net and use that info to post.

                    Interesting crash all and all. Must have scared at least one of the drivers good.
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                      That picture puzzles me a little.........

                      Where do the tracks go? Looks like they go straight, I think I see them at top of picture

                      But if the bus had knocked the tram that far off the track as the bus was going toward the left in the picture, I'd expect to see more scrape marks down the side of the bus left of the tram, but I don't think I do.
                      Besides, the traffic direction is totally wrong for that.... it's UK, and the bus looks to be on the far side of the statue, which would put it going to right.. That could be an illusion, if the bus was pushed over to right of statue. Few clues from the shape of the bus........

                      But if the tram has pushed the bus to where it is, I'd expect to see more damage than I do.

                      If the tram tracks turn left there, it must be a sharp turn, since the second car of the train is still straight. The tracks don't seem as if they turn left...... But that's about the only thing that makes any sense....... But the tram would have been VERY slow making that sharp turn....

                      On the other hand, trams do go slow, and the bus must have driven directly in front when the tram was right there.

                      What really happened there?
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                        Looks to me as if the tram has hit the bus ......tram inbeds itself in bus .then momentum of bus pulls tram off rails.

                        so the bus was travelling a lot faster than the tram.

                        all the best.markj


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                          Kinda makes sense, but you'd expect to see scrapes down the bus , since the tram would first touch the bus, then "scrunch" into it..... So if the bus is moving, there should be scratches and gouges first light, then deeper as it touched, then started to 'scrunch in" and finally "locked-in' embedded.

                          I don't see that in the pictures, and it just doesn't look right. Looks like the tram hit a bus that was NOT moving...... or not moving very fast.... which then makes you wonder how it was pulled off the tracks.....

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                            But look at the picture.
                            Bus was first hit on the left side (driving from right to left) and tram digged deeper an deeper. The bus was pushed from the lower lane to the wrong upper lane. Right hand driving there!



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                              No skid marks?

                              It's possible that the front wheels of the tram were lifted when the tram lodged in the side of the bus. The pavement may have been wet at the time of the collision, minimizing the friction between tires and pavement when the bus was pushed sideways.
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