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cleaning white powdery gunk off pot metal parts

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  • cleaning white powdery gunk off pot metal parts

    I'm rebuilding a motor. Several parts are cast from zinc or maybe aluminum. They are bolted to the steel shell of the motor's stator. They all have a lot of powdery white residue which I assume to be some form of zinc oxide. I'd love to find a way to soak this stuff off, as it is way down in tight corners and I don't have access to a bead blaster at present. I haven't had good luck with zinc parts in a lot of hot cleaning baths like lye/water or dishwashing detergent/water or TSP/water. They all seem to dissolve the zinc, some faster than others admittedly.

    Short of bead blasting or vibratory tumbling is there a good way to get this junk off my parts?


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    vinegar .