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  • Did metric run out of puff...

    Just had an idle thought today while going fore a walk as to how the metric system seemed to run out of puff when it came to things like time, degrees etc..

    I believe there probably was a system thought up where time is based on a factor of ten and same with degrees... And I am sure some thought was put into changing the moon and earth orbit to a more metric friendly figure..

    I guess I should stop having idle thoughts and instead have thoughts on movie stars and sports stars like the sheeple..
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    Not sure about metric time, that would seem a bit cumbersome... But the real world uses radians to calculate with angles, so no need for a metric standard there


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      Are you referring to Burma, Liberia or USofA? These are the countries needing some more puff.



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        Degrees were invented by the Babylonians because the number 360 has more factors than any other number of similar size which makes calculation very simple. The same applies to time as it is directly associated with the measurement of angles in degrees in astronomy (which does not use radians). The primary unit of spherical angle subtended in Positional astronomy is The Greenwich Hour Angle, aka the Sidereal Hour Angle and the Right Ascension, also measured in degrees. The primary unit of distance is the Parsec which stands for the Parallax Arc Second.

        Changing either the units of time or the units of angle would cause incredible confusion in a wide number of fields from aircraft navigation to building construction and surveying.
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          Graduation Day


          try this.

          Not all angles are measured in degrees or radians either.

          Understand this and you can say you have graduated.


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            Close this worthless thread........

            We all know that the US has been officially metric for 130 years, so let it DIE already.

            Keep eye on ball.
            Hashim Khan


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              Let America die? Who would us Brits have available for vocabulary-correction if that happened?
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                Well, Canada is "officially" metric. Speeds are in kilometers, meat priced by the kilo, but...
                2 x 4s are still that, gyproc (wallboard) is 4 ft x 8 ft panels. Funny, tho, most kitchen cabinets adopt the euro metric standards.

                Someone mentioned metric time. When metrication first came to Canada there were a lot of upset citizens. One April Fool's day a radio talk show host entered the fray. He talked about the changes to kilograms in the supermarkets, the use of kilometres and kph on the highway system and asked for listener reaction. There was little: no increase of call ins. Then, he stated that the big change was still to come. The federal government was going to change to metric time: 100 sec/min, 100 min/hr and 10 hours per day. The calls became torrential before the good listeners realized that they had been 'had'.


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                  I did the same, back in 1972 we made the change over to metric, the biggest change over was with money.
                  We had to hand in what we had and get it changed for new, there was an interim period when both were valid.

                  At the time I was working for a local transport company with a large fleet of lorries.

                  Our yard was quite small as the lorries parked up in a local works for overnight loading. the drivers used to queue on a private road outside and wait to get in the yard to diesel up. One of my jobs was to go down the line and ask for defect sheets and check lights etc.

                  We always had a crack with the drivers, anyway one night as this metric money was coming it it became the talking point as you would expect. I told the drivers that the following month we were changing to metric time, 10 hours am, 10 hours pm.

                  Well to a driver this makes a lot of difference, drivers hours breaks etc and they all got upset about it.
                  That much so that unbeknown to me they had an unofficial meeting and stormed into the office to tell management they weren't prepared to accept it.

                  Of course management knew nothing about this but the drivers read this as them trying to hide the facts.

                  Caused quite a hoot.................


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                    If I recall, they did try to metricize time, to an extent. They being FNA (French National Assembly) at the time of the French Revolution. Did they not have 10 day weeks?


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                      The sun may of set on the British Empire but the legacy of the Great Enemy lives on in the Metric System and the Napoleonic Code.
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                        Last week or so, NASA announced that it's abandoning the Metric System.

                        That's one giant leap forward.

                        Tom M.


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                          What about all the metric standards that aren't really metric? Metric roller chain and pipe come to mind.
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            One wonders that the French didn't change the year to metric as well. 365 1/4 days per year is such an inconvenient number someone really ought to tidy that up soon.
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                              Last week or so, NASA announced that it's abandoning the Metric System.
                              No they didn't. They asked for one specific exemption for one specific DoD program called "Constellation". The request has been denied.

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