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more on cast iron vs. steel

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  • more on cast iron vs. steel

    i have another question regarding the substitution of steel for things i normally see made of cast iron. i need a steady rest for my 11" SB lathe. i rarely see them for sale, and they seem to go on the upside of $150 if they do show up. i also have access to all kinds of steel. if i made a steady rest out of steel, would it be okay, or is cast iron recommended for some reason?


    andy b.
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    Steel is fine for this, I have made a couple by welding. I used a piece of extra heavy pipe for one.
    Cast iron is used more for convenience of manufacture than any structural reason.
    Jim H.


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      Metal Lathe Accessories sells a kit to build a steady rest.
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        Steel should work.
        Cast Iron absorbs vibration much better and is a major reason besides lower cost (castings)to make it. can't make a tuning fork out of CI...