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16 Speed drill press-all I got

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  • 16 Speed drill press-all I got

    I think it's rated to drill 3/4" holes in steel and this is all I have in the way of machining tools with some drill bits 200 rpm is the lowest speed. I'm making a set of wheel spacers for my tractor and need to counter bore 11/16" diameter and maybe 3/16" deep for the wheels headed M14 studs. The heads need to be recessed. Is there a counter bore drill or do I try to grind down the 60 deg. 11/16 drill to a flat cut profile? bjr23

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    This will show what is needed It is possible to grind a drill bit that will do the same thing.
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      You could also try an 11/16 single-end mill with a 1/2 inch shank. Since you're going straight down and not side to side and only need to go 3/16 inch deep, this may be easier. Try Traver's Tool Co. online.