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    Dear oh dear

    I have it on good authority that root canals can cost an arm and a leg.


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      Originally posted by madman
      Brother in Law had a Implant. The dental surgeon? drilled right into his sinus cavity. It caused him a lot of problems. Kinda like taking youre Car to a mechanic. Never know how its going to work out.
      This was a major concern.
      The Doc took careful measurements and before/after Xrays. The Xrays showed lots of bone left before the sinus cavity.

      As far as cost: $4500.00 US which includes the studs, the partial, the impressions (one for the partial and one for the "drill bushing") and all the Xrays. Everything was out-of -pocket - insurance covered ZIP. Since I had Xrays in 1968, the insurance company didn't feel I needed them again so soon.

      Pain factor: Almost none during the procedure (lots of novacane) and very little when the novacane wore off.
      All in all, it seems like a better option than yanking all my remaining upper teeth and going with a full denture.



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        All of these posts remind me of the fact that taking care of your teeth pays benefits. I have visited the dentist religiously every 6 months since I was a child. In the past couple of years I have had to get two crowns mainly because of the filings in the teeth were too big to be replaced. I now floss every day (well almost every day). This has certainly made a big difference in my gums which is the main reason that people lose their teeth. I only wish I had started doing this 40 years ago. My children who have benefited from fluoride in the water have NO filings. If they can just floss they may not have to worry about crowns or implants.


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          Body screws.

          Had a Doctor bring in a childs skull top, (cap?) to have screws made to mount a device for radiation treatment. Device was screwed onto head for treatment and several treatments equal many holes in the head by the end of the sessions. The screws we made were to stay in patients' head during all treatments and designed to receive the mounting screws of the device. Kind of like a ball and socket. This was to stop making so many holes in the head. All hardware to be removed at end of treatment. Skull cap was brought in to test screws to be sure they didn't split bone material. Kind of werid feeling to have someones body part in your hand. It looked like swiss cheese by the time screws were perfected.

          Mentally confused and prone to wandering!


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            I'm getting an implant. Cadaver bone was put in to build up the upper jaw area. It has taken several months to get the extra bone to meld with my jaw bone. Expecting the tooth to be installed in June. Cost IIRC,was about $2500.00. I did it mostly to stop teeth from drifting,and to help support the teeth on either side of the gap. It's just past my eye tooth,and not really easily seen anyway.


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              Originally posted by rmancini
              I just got three of these studs "installed"
              I have 7 of them in my upper jaw, had them installed about 14 years ago, People who consider this type of work should consider seeing an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon for the implants, and a regular dentist for the crowns or bridge. After you have this done, you need to follow rigorous hygiene, rinse out your mouth after every meal, or sweet drink.
              Use an electric brush, a water-pick and also rinse with Listerine or a good brand of antiseptic mouthwash, at least twice a day.


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                I agree with Al Flipo. Oral surgeon and a good dentist that specializes in bridgework. I had 8 or nine of them done several years ago. It was wisely recommended to me to get the type of bridge that install with screws which seems to be very strong. They put in small fillings to cover the screw heads. About a week ago one finally came loose. The dentist just uncovered the screws and retightened the screws with a torque wrench. While there I asked the current price of one implant and he said $1000.00 for the oral surgery, and $1100.00 for a crown. US dollars.
                Of course mouths are different. The depth of the implant and therefore its strength depends on the amount bone available. Another factor is the location of the nerves as the implants have to be a certain distance away so as not to cause pain so it is a good idea to find an good experienced surgeon.