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More than one way to skin a cat

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  • More than one way to skin a cat

    Life was so much easier back when I didn't care about my back. I would have just picked this thing up and moved it.

    Instead, I had to spend a majority of the morning building a quick attachment for the press so I could use it as an engine hoist.

    Ok, not a majority of the morning...first, I had planned to use a hydraulic jack, so I drove to my father in laws house, where I used to have the perfect hydraulic jack stored. It seems that I have scrapped it out since. Then on the way home I decided to do it the "not so easy" way. But, it got done. Would have been better had I not wasted an hour and a half, and had just spent the hour making this thing up and doing it. In the future I might buy a long cylinder and use a heavier boom arm. It actually worked quite well. Not sure how much more I could pick up, without putting wheels further out.

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    Where does one insert the cat, or should i continue to buy the preskinned ones
    [nice job!]


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      That's what the barker is for. I just moved that blue bench seen behind. Haven't seen this corner of the garage for over three years. Sorta wishing I had left it this way, now I am overwhelmed with the amount of CRAP that I had in that corner.

      My yard is looking really really bad right now....and I've only got another four hours to get it all cleaned up before my work week begins. And I have to run to home depot to get some spray foam to seal up the wall (since I've actually got access to it for a short period of time)


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        And what is that "Barker" thing for? De-barking? "De-barking" cats?
        Never saw such a machine, I want one. I do have two cats!

        Sorry, I'm owned by two cats!

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          Looks like a miniature Horizontal Boring Mill
          Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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            Looks like a 4"x12"... lever or screw? What do you think it weighs? Might be picking one up stortly... well not by hand.
            Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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              Why not look for a Hoyer or invalid lift? They have a small footprint and lift up to 400lbs. What are you going to use the tiny mill for? Holding down blueprints? Don't you have a VN#12?


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                Well, the mill as is weighs about 300 lbs. With motor and table it weighs 440 lbs. I think it's 4x12. It was lever originally, then they changed it to air cylinder. I'm going to swap it over to a leadscrew and throw a few steppers on it. Should be a good little production machine.


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                  For skinning cats, I prefer an electric belt sander.

                  But for lifting things, I bought a cheap engine hoist, the type that folds up somewhat. Don't use it too often but when I need it, there is no substitute. AIRC, it was less than $200. Much cheaper than the chiropractor.