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Building a Trailer to Move Machines

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    The tax system in the US is a crazy quilt of laws & regulations that not only varies by state, but even by county and city. Assuming all of us are subject to the same tax laws would be like assuming all Europeans have the same tax laws (or that Americans, Brits, Aussies, and Kiwees all speak English ) . For example some states base the vehicle license fee/tax on the value of the vehicle. Others use the weight of the vehicle as the basis for the payment. Some tax commercial vehicles used in agriculture at a much lower rate, others levy lower fees on all commercial vehicles. Go figure.

    Like I said, its not consistent across the country.



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      Originally posted by Too_Many_Tools
      I would like to discuss what features and capabilities one would like to see on a trailer whose main purpose in life is moving machines.

      Load capability...say about 5000 pounds.

      Size...something one can park in front of your house.

      Pulling requirements...something that you can pull with the average 1/2 ton pickup.

      Let the discussions begin...
      I would not consider taxes to be a major issue.

      But being able to pull a trailer of reasonable capacity that you can easily store is.



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        Well there are ways around "Taxable Value" - at least in California there are.

        If you start out by buying a totaled trailer - but at least it has tandem axles with brake drums for $200, and then you completely rebuild it to the specs you need. That original $200 receipt is what the DMV is going to use to affix a taxable value on the trailer.

        Far be it from me to suggest you pay cash and ask for a receipt stating a price LOWER then what you actually paid - that wouldn't be quite honest now would it. Come to think of it - WHO in politics IS quite honest
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