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How to Imnprove an Engine Crane

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    Originally posted by Forrest Addy
    . I never get to use it.
    Forrest, what's your nephew's name? We'll take care of business for you

    Originally posted by Davo J
    I did see somewhere that a bloke ground out and rewelded all the crappy welds, I need to do that as well. Some of the welds have under cut and others just not enough weld on them..................................
    That would have been my suggestion! My welds on my HF 2ton foldup look like chunky peanut butter but they've held so far.

    You guys talk about larger casters. I took the easy way out. I had a $12,000 concrete driveway put in and I can run from the shop out the door, across the barn, up the drive to the front door sidewalk with no interruptions in the concrete!! Means I can push my tool box to the back of the kitchen door if I'm on an long and involved project. Best tool I ever got for myself was this flawless concrete driveway and barn floor. (I understand it's a long way around to solve the problem )

    Tiffie, If I don't get a PM about any garage sales you got planned I'm going to be PO'd !! I expect at some point you'll be selling off to make room for more! Or, if you have found a way of taking it all with you let me know, I'd like to take mine too.
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      Originally posted by Davo J
      Is that what I have to do to get my main arm to fold down properly.
      I have noticed some engine cranes have a thinner wall thickness than mine, thats why I bought this one.
      You bring up an important issue.

      I have seen many engine cranes over the years...and some are so poorly built that they do not deserve being called an engine crane.

      Any suggestions as to how to improve the poorly constructed ones?



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        The problem I've run into with engine hoists for machinery is that the legs are too close together to allow the machine (think Bridgeport) to be lowered directly to the floor. My mod would be to increase the distance between the legs somehow.



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          Is dandy
          But liquor
          Is quicker.

          (Ogden Nash)


          The best "leg opener" is booze aka liquor.


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            If that don't work....


            or, search for 'Ernest Borgnine secret of life'

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              Originally posted by Your Old Dog
              That would have been my suggestion! My welds on my HF 2ton foldup look like chunky peanut butter but they've held so far.
              No not you, this fellow showed pictures of the before and after shots of the base, that he ground out and rewelded. If I find them I will put them up.



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                Years ago I had a hoist that I modified for outdoor/rough terrain usage.

                I replaced the tiny wheels with 12" diameter by 4" wide, filled pneumatic tires. On the back side, I welded on three point hitch attachment points for one of my tractors. In use, you'd back up to whatever you needed to lift, hook up, lift, balance and drive off with it. The best thing about the arrangement is that the weight of the tractor and the three point hitch stabilized the lift - I never once lost a load to tipping, etc.

                The addition of the tractor makes use inside a garage or shop problematic due to clearance issues, but it's great for picking stuff off a trailer and getting it through a doorway and at least onto the shop floor.

                Sorry, I don't have any pics, but you get the idea.



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                  I believe there is an article in Machinist Workshop on this topic. It was a couple of years ago. I'll try and check my back issues later tonight.