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  • turning CastIron

    greets all..
    have to turn an M30X3.5 internal thread
    on a biggish cast iron pulley.

    haven't done alot of cast iron turning..
    and have *never* turned a thread in it.

    any tips to save a fella time/trouble?
    what sort of cutting fluid should i use,
    if any?

    the internal thread is about 5cm long, down
    in a 10cm hole.. so i wont be able to see
    whats going on.. (its a through hole, not blind).. i plan on turning the thread real slow. any problems with working cast iron slow? i'd hate to have a thread break on me and ruin the piece.


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    No cutting fluid needed.


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      Dry...cast iron dust + liquid makes a gawdawful mess.

      That's a pretty hefty thread. It shouldn't be a problem. Just be sure to get enough relief on the "heel" of the threading tool so it doesn't rub. I've had trouble on occasion turning large coarse threads when I didn't pay enough attention to that detail.

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        Machine it dry with neutral rake tools. Suck up the chips with a shop vac. Bada-bing!


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          hey thanks for the tips.
          the thread turned out great.. nice
          and clean. i was surprised at how
          well cast iron cut. relatively soft,
          i would say. all that dust probably
          isnt very good for my lathe, however.

          tried to clean up as best i could.

          took longer to make the HSS toolbit for
          inside (left hand!) threading! probably
          spent 3hours and 1wheel on the grinder, and
          30minutes cutting the thread.

          all that for $30. but, somehow, it was fun.

          this sure is a twisted hobby.

          thanks again,


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            Save the dust-chips... get a large campfire going.. and .... YOU TOO can be a magician.. POOF...

            z(works for brake dust anyways) I am not real sure how safe this is, was, since I was intoxicated the last time..