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    Does any one here use Facebook ?


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    A friend of mine nagged me into signing up about 6 months ago. I occasionally sign on. Why I don't know, I swear I still don't understand it. There's this "wall" thing you can leave messages and about a million stupid "quizzes" to take. Meaningless. Don't get it.

    A real estate broker/friend says he's uses it to generate leads. Sends out mass requests for new friends in his listing area. He's the type who goes around with a Bluetooth and all those other latest electronic accessories. Still, I don't get it.


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      No. I'd rather be doing something useful in the shop.


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        Yep, I use it. I've been able to re-connect with quite a few of my old friends from high school and the Air Force.
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          Just post here when you will be gone and what you have to steal. Facebook is just too much information.



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            Yes, I use it.


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              I just check my mail server log for the last three days. 270 messages with:

              "so and so poked you on Facebook"
              "so and so confirmed you as a friend on Face book"
              "so and so tagged you on Facebook"
              "so and so sent you a message on Facebook" (my personal high disbelief factor message*)
              "so and so wants to be friends on Facebook"

              *You get an email from Facebook telling you that you have a message, but they don't send the message.

              Of the 270 messages, 200 of them went to one person. One of the Facebook mailers landed in the SpamCop DNS blacklist some days ago and all those pokes were being rejected. That made a lot of work for me as I have to go in and whitelist Facebook servers. I may lose business but I'm thinking I'm not going to put any effort into helping Facebook deliver their mail when their actions get them blacklisted.

              So to answer your question - probably some here do, but I don't


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                No, I see no useful purpose when there are constructive things to spend time on. It rates on the list with TV watching...


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                  Originally posted by RTPBurnsville
                  No, I see no useful purpose when there are constructive things to spend time on. It rates on the list with TV watching...
                  TV watching is better than facebook and twitter, we have a twitter account and I still have not fiqured out the purpose for it. Its on par with texting......


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                    No, no spacebook for me either.
                    This is the only form of social networking I do. Other than this place I haven't got the time or the inclination to hob-nob with virtual friends.

                    I think we have a better class of people here than in the wasteland of the great unwashed.
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                      I have found a good use for it. I got "sucked in" by an Air Force
                      Sgt in Germany with the same last name as mine looking to do a
                      Family Tree . So I started to search for Hartswicks and have found
                      a whole bunch and have e-mailed them and expanded the "connection"
                      by a great deal. So it does have a bit of "redeming value" . As for the
                      crap that shows up on my "whatever they callit", I just scan down and
                      ignore it. Grandaughter is in England on one of those semester abroad
                      things and she posts some pix and what is going on there. So that
                      is OK too.


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                        My daughter talked me into signing up about 6 months ago. I have gotten reconnected with 7 of my old classmates from 50 years ago. And tons of old friends from my other life (working). I think it's great, BUT you must watch and be careful, the world is full of predators.

                        I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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                          NO Facebook
                          NO Myspace
                          NO Twitter
                          My sister was nagging me to join Facebook so we could "Play Games" and "Chat" together online.
                          Sorry Sis, thanks but no thanks.
                          If I wanna chat, I'll pick up the phone.
                          If I wanna play games, I'll go to POGO.
                          And I definately DON'T want to re-connect with the Losers I attended High School with. BLEH......
                          Another problem with these accounts, is that Employers are now routinely checking peoples Myspace,Facebook,Twitter accounts.


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                            No facebook, titter, yahoo, msn, or anything else similar. I do have a page on Deviant Arts but I haven't posted anything there as yet. This is also the only forum I frequent with the very infrequent visit to PM. I don't have enough time to allocate to other similar sites. I don't even check the other forums on this BBS. Too much to try and keep track of.
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                              With the majority of answers, you are probably sorry you asked at this point.

                              It seems that the social networking mechanisms are primarily for children or for people with nothing better to do. I had hopes of getting back in touch with high school classmates ... most had nothing of significance to say so it ended up being a wasted effort, so I have renamed it to Farcebook and pretty much ignore it. My doubts were confirmed ...
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