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Electronics Discussion Groups like HSM?

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  • Electronics Discussion Groups like HSM?

    Does anyone know of electronic discussion groups similar to HSM with the emphasis heavy on the hardware side of electronics?

    The only one that I am aware of that is somewhat electronics oriented is CNCZONE.


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    No I don't, but #electronics on (IRC, download MIRC to access..) is a great place to hang out and ask questions in real time.. its where I usally hang out.

    Anyone who has been there in the past few years and did'nt like it, I invite you back. We staged a coup-de-tat and got rid of the nasty ops.
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        I haven't seen much electronics that are able or worth repairing on things made today. Everything I see is chips and micro components glued on and submerged soldered and you would have to work under a microscope to see what you are doing!
        Do they make electronics that are repairable or is this for old stuff?


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          As for boards, there were one or two I knew about, but they got assaulted by hackers, and the owners just quit rather than put up with it. I guess the hackers "won".

          Per SMT:

          We routinely put together prototype boards that are nearly 100% those little parts...... and we fix them, modify them, etc.. There are tools for it, but the only tool usually needed is a sharp-pointed iron. Solder paste helps as well, but old-school roll solder can be used.

          We do try to stay away from parts much smaller than 0805, but fine pitch uPs we do use.
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            nuts and volts has a good BBS. Here is the forum:


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              For audio-related stuff, the forums can be pretty good. There are some general-purpose forums there that have some pretty sharp people on them.


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                Originally posted by mikem
                nuts and volts has a good BBS. Here is the forum:
                Yea, Nuts & Volts! It is not so much repairing as designing and building electronics.
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