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My Micro-Shop (A.K.A. This Old Micro-Shop)

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  • My Micro-Shop (A.K.A. This Old Micro-Shop)

    Well, this should give everyone a good laugh! It is almost embarrassing, in fact.

    Here are pictures of my "Machine Shop". I have a Super 11CD lathe, Rong-Fu RF-31 Mill/Drill, a 2' by 4' work bench, drill press, and a host of other equipment (and shop air!) all jammed into --- GET THIS ---

    65 square feet of broom closet in my basement.

    Yes, it is a step saver shop!!!

    My next magical act will be to replace the mill/drill with a real knee-mill at some point, once I work out the logistics of getting it in there (obviously, the mill/drill will have to go).

    I just thought you guys would like a good laugh. :-)

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    Nice shop. Nothing funny about making do in tight spaces. Just think, when you have 300 square feet, you will feel like your in a warehouse!
    Location: North Central Texas


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      No problems there. Many have done with much less. The only problem I see is it is too clean and uncluttered.
      Jim H.


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        Too clean and uncluttered? Why, there is no room for the mess! Where would I put it? :-)


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          You gotta put on some weight!
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            Do you think I need more beer? if yes, please let my wife know!



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              Nothing to be embarressed about there unless that fellow sitting at the milling machine is a customer waiting for parts.

              Really nice shop.
              To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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                G. A.,

                No, just me waiting for the mill to spin up.....

                Ah, here's the problem! AC plug fell out. :-)


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                  Don't know how to work in a shop without tripping over things. Can't stand it when somebody has a clean shop Nice shop though.
                  Evan, I have seen pictures of you, tell Janet I said to feed you more beer! I will probably hear about this now.
                  Marv, if you drink beer in your condition, it will just run right through you , but you are a handsome devil aren't you

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                    We all have to make do with the space that we have...

                    Looks like you have things set up nicely.

                    BTW if you'd just get that water heater outa there you'd have room for another machine tool! Ya don't really neeeed hot water do ya?

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                      I could get one of those instant demand water heaters. Yeah, another machine, that be cool!



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                        I need something that really sticks to my ribs!

                        Thanks for the compliment, but I am already married. :-)



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                          Nice shop, don't see anything to laugh about. We used to have about 4 in plant maintainance areas about the same size, they worked just fine. Tell your wife beer will help.

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                            IT's atleast twice the size of my work shop.
                            I got a 7x14 lathe, and a 6x8 mill, and a 40$ drill press.


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                              As Thrud would say-"you jam tart!"you still have room on the walls and ceiling,buy more tools

                              Nice shop,I wish I had someone to clean mine with a toothbrush

                              I have heard of losing wieght to fit in a pair of jeans,but man you are serious about your shop!
                              I just need one more tool,just one!