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    I bought a really nice Alliant mill out of a model shop about a year ago and was wondering if anyone is familiar with this brand. I've heard it was contracted by Bridgeport dealers when Bridgeport went to direct sales and discontinued using them, but don't know if that story's true. It appears to be an exact copy, but are all the parts interchangeable?

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    I have an Alliant mill as well. Your story is true, at least for the Alliant machines made in the 1980's (mine is from 1984). IMHO they're actually superior in many ways to a 2J Bridgeport*. The 1980's vintage machines were made by Sharp in Taiwan.
    Newer Alliant machines seem to be standard Taiwan/China machines, though. This happened when Sharp brought out their own line of machines around 1990 or so.

    At least for my machine, all the socket head fasteners are metric. The remainder of the machine is inch, including leadscrews and the ubiquitous 3/4" head bolts all over.
    I am not certain of any parts that will interchange. In fact I have never heard of anyone with one of the 1980's machines ever needing any parts! In 6 years of daily usage, I know I haven't needed any parts. I would think that parts from a modern Sharp-built machine would be the most likely for interchange.

    * I get lots of dissent though. My machine has chrome ways, dual-nut leadscrews, bronze vari-speed bushings, the motor shaft has a lower bearing under the varispeed pulley so the belt tension isn't a cantilevered load, two fans on the varispeed belt enclosure, etc.