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  • It's been a bad day

    I need to let everyone my Dad, Axel, passed away today. He hadn't been feeling well and was going to go to the doctor today, he never made it. My mom was taking him when he told her he needed to say something, he told her, "I love you, take care of Scott, I love you both, good bye". She said then he slumped over.

    He taught me to fly, taught me to laugh again, taught me to love life, taught me to look to the future. We had plans, he had just retired and was looking forward to the future. He had plans, we had plans. He was my hero, a hero to many. He was Mom's best friend.

    He is the second dad I have lost, I just don't understand. Mom is not handling this well, neither am I. His dog is looking for him, runs to the door when he hears a car - he knows though.

    I just wanted everyone to know about this, he and I used to read posts together and discuss different ideas that came up. I will miss that, I already miss him.

    Sorry, I just needed to vent. Now I will cry.

    Thanks for understanding,

    Axel's son Scott

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    Healing mojo to you and yours :-(


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      What clarity of mind he had right to the end, what must he have known? It is so great that he could say goodbye and be with his wife at the end. I am sad for your loss, and I fear the day when I must face the same.
      James Kilroy


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        I don't know you but tears are running down my cheeks as I type this...

        I feel your sadness...but also know that the happy memories will overcome what you are feeling takes time...take care...


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          Your father sounds like a man worth grieving over. Take care of your mom and pet the dog. It is going to be rough for a while but time heals deep wounds.



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            Sorry to hear that fencepost. It's always hard to loose someone you love and admire.
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              Scott, words seem so inadequate at a time like this; but, I hope you take comfort in knowing we're grieving with you.

              So many projects. So little time.


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                So sorry to hear of your loss. Remember the good times and they will help you get through the rough days.

                David Kaiser
                “You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.”
                ― Robert A. Heinlein


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                  Sorry for your loss,it's not easy to do,but think of him daily and he will never leave you.
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                    I once thought I was about to expire. The big thing on my mind was what shape I was leaving my wife in. You would do your father great honor if he knew you were looking after your Mom in every way you could. I get to witness this everyday with my next door neighbor lady. Her boys are over there constantly helping out with grass and gardens and such. I once told her that her husband would be fiercely proud of those boys for the way they look after her. I'll tell you the same. Don't forget his dog. If he's like a lot of us the dog had a special part of his life because of the loyalty they have shown over the years.

                    Be strong for your Mom. Pray for strength.

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                    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                    It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                      Sorry to hear. I lost my mom. I know, it hurts.
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                        This thread really got to me, I went in thinking someone crashed their mill or lathe and was looking for carnage - Fencepost - you sound like a heck of a guy, and what more honor for a father to know that his son is calling him his hero,
                        I think the same of my Dad every single day of my life, were very lucky to have that, many don't...
                        You carry the torch now, lots of words of wisdom and healing from all the hsm'ers, take care of your Mum, pet that Dawg, stick close to family, and don't ever be afraid to talk about it, That's a strength not a weakness.

                        keep in mind that in knowing how great your dad is, you have to also know how honored he is in the fact that he's made such a positive impact on your life, full circle bro ---- carry that torch and when it comes time to pass it to someone keep in mind that they will be feeling the same way about you...

                        My heart goes out to you and yours. AKB


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                          Sorry to hear about your bad day Scott.
                          He's your dog now.


                          My Dad always said, "If you want people to do things for you on the farm, you have to buy a machine they can sit on that does most of the work."


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                            My deepest sympathy.

                            I hope this doesn't come across as harsh, but that sounds like a good way to pass.

                            Friend did so a month or so ago. Slumped in his seat in the car on the way to the Doc. They kept him on a machine till his oldest daughter, more sensible than his wife, could get here from where ever she lived, to say she did not want her father on a machine that breathed for him. There was no hope for recovery.

                            I hope when it is my time, probably in the not too distant future, I expire quickly and calmly. Grieving for a loved one who passes quickly is less agonizing for the family than watching him or her wither away in a vegetative state in a nursing home.

                            I don't WANT to die for 15 or so years. 2 more grands to see to adulthood, but would rather die quickly with dignity than for them to have to go see Jedo laying in a sick bed, not knowing them.

                            My sympathy, also, to your mother, and take care of the dog as your Father would have. Look up, once in a while. He might be looking down at you.



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                              My deepest sympathy, Fencepost. We got a dog for my dad when my mother died. When dad died, we got the dog. At least she's still with us, and watching me type this.