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Best glue for hockey pucks?

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  • Best glue for hockey pucks?

    I need to glue a hockey puck to aluminium. The puck's center is bored out to 40 mm and it goes over a round bar.

    What kind of glue is suitable? I was thinking about either epoxy or Liquisole. I trust epoxy for aluminium but don't know about the rubber. Liquisole should work fine for rubber, but there I'm unsure of the properties on aluminium (although the data sheet says it should work).
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    I would use a urethane glue like Gorilla Glue. You need to rough up the surface of the aluminum immediately before applying the glue to break down the oxide layer. After applying the glue to the aluminum scratch the surface some more right through the glue layer since the oxide starts to form the moment the elemental aluminum is exposed to the air. That is the main secret in getting any sort of glue to stick to aluminum.
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      The aluminium bar will be in the lathe chuck when the puck is put on, so I was planning to turn some traces after applying the glue.

      Gorilla is not available here (Sweden). Liquisole is a urethane glue that works really good on rubber, I have used it to repair boots several times. It doesn't seem to be available in Canada or USA, but according to this ad you have something similar called shoe goo. What do you think?


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        Hello, I would use the liquisole. Shoe goo is the first thing I thought of after reading your original post.


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          My vote is Shoe Goo or your local equivalent. Just get things clean and rough like Evan says. I have used it may times for outfitting whitewater canoes and the stuff stick and is flexible.


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            Every time I see a "What Glue" I take a look at this web site.
            I use it often.

            I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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              Sounds like the Liquisole will work just fine. Adhesives are something that everyone should become familiar with as they can make life a lot easier when used correctly. There are many little secrets about how they work and what should be done to prepare surfaces.

              For example, when using cyanoacrylate glues in a dry climate one should breath on the surface just before application. Cyano glues are catalyzed by moisture.

              Another secret is that of all the polymer glues epoxy resin is the only one that has the same coefficient of linear expansion with temperature as steel. This makes epoxy based glues the first choice for attaching anything to steel but not a good choice for aluminum.

              Another is that gluing Polycarbonate severely compromises it impact properties. Polycarbonate should always be assembled with fasteners to maintain impact resistance.
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                I swear by "3M Super Weather-strip Adhesive"
                I am amazed at some of the things I have glued with it.