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  • Parting Spindle HP / Rigidity

    I need to part through 3/4" Diameter CRS with a 1/4" drill in it. This is a custom job that will repeat itself. I am considering setting up an old mini lathe headstock with something resembling more a turret lathe than a mini lathe.

    Note that the only part of the mini lathe that will be used is the headstock, which will have a direct belt drive to a 1 Hp Baldor DC drive motor. The actual bed is a piece of 4x6" square tubing, 1/4" wall, with a 1/2 thick x 3" wide piece of steel welded to the length and milled flat. On that is a THK slide, with a dovetail cross slide (custom milled from CRS, expected to be expendable over time)

    I am concerned about the rigidity of the setup, though I'm not sure I need to be. I'd love a heftier headstock, but I'm putting this crap together with what I have, not what I'd like.

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    Cutoff Priorties

    Just a reminder a bandsaw, chop saw, cold saw are better cuttoff tools. Depends on accuracy and finish requirred. After buying a good Kennametal parting tool I use the lathe more often but it still runs a second to the others mentioned. A cold saw is nearing the top of my want list. Trying to make a parting machine from lightweight components sounds like an exercise in frustration.
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      I am going to assume your not parting it off with a 1/4" drill bit in the hole as that would not be nice to see.

      I think what your proposing will be strong enough but a cutoff tool is no more accurate than an abrasive chop saw and it's easier and faster to use. You can set a stop to part the tube off to the length you need.

      You may also be able to buy DOM tubing the size you are making.
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        Originally posted by Carld
        You may also be able to buy DOM tubing the size you are making.
        You can, but the drill is 1 of 8 steps to this little piece. Chopsaw just isn't an option, as I'm tryin to set this up as a barfeed operation.


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          Ok install a bandsaw on your lathe.

          That'd be pertty awsome actualy...

          Do it. Install a 4x6 with CNC hydrolic downfeed mod onto your lathe! it will be awsome! you know it will.

          Hell, even a port-a-band would be big enough for lathe work.
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            Thought about it (I really did).

            I do have another project right now that I am considering installing a automatic drill press on my bandsaw.


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              I'll admit to occassionally using a portaband on my lathe


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                Snowman, if your setting up that make shift lathe to just part off the pieces why won't a chop saw do the same thing? Your not going to have an automatic process with the make shift lathe and a bar feed.

                Also, why can't you eliminate drilling the 1/4" hole by using DOM and still do the other operations? Drilling a hole is not a fast operation in a lathe and I always like to start with DOM if I can get the right sizes of OD and hole. Even a close size hole and drilling or reaming to size is faster that starting with a solid bar.
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                  Does the Mini-lathe headstock have taper-roller bearings in it?
                  Apparently it transforms parting.

                  Also look at a substantial rear-tool post to hold the parting blade upside down - it's made a big difference on my Myford....