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  • Morse Taper Blanks

    Well thanx to Evan i am picking up some ? india made MT 2 blanks. Tapers Ground and heat treated with a soft one inch diameter stub that I can machine. Now i am wondering (as usual) about what is this indian material made from so that i can use a suitable piece of material to add (weld onto ) to the spud end. (Perhaps it does not really matter? ) I was planning on boring out a hole and then machining the add on piece with either silver solder or perhaps chamfer nicely and Mig weld it? Opinions Guys? Thanx

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    Curry! with a dash of cardemon


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      Thread the extension on and use high strength Loctite. Welding might warp the material since it is obviously differential heat treated.
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        I'd be very reluctant to weld it as I would not be comfortable or confident that the taper would not distort.

        I'd be pretty sure that turning/machining a MIG-weld joint would neither be easy or accurate as if the weld cools quickly it may be quite hard. Silver soldering would be my preferred option as the weld is quite machinable - the more so if cooled slowly. As the MT stub is harden-able it follows that it will tend to harden and distort with welding/soldering/brazing. Slow cooling may reduce the hardening, but I doubt that it would reduce or control the distortion.

        As I said in your previous post on this matter, I'd drill/ream the MT soft end and insert an extension and seal/set it with the correct grade/type of "Loctite" and then machine the insert/extension.


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          If you are worried about welding near the taper wrap the taper in a wet cloth and as soon as the weld is done pull the cloth off and blow on the taper with compressed air. And don't weld very much at a time. I know guys cut off old MT drills and weld stuff on and machine them all the time, so there has to be a way.