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Deep hole drilling - again.

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  • Deep hole drilling - again.

    This forum seems to like projects and pictures so here is my contribution.
    Over the last year I have had to drill about 200 4.00 mm dia blind holes 150mm deep in brass. The present method was to start the holes in my VMC, which gave me 80 mm depth and complete them with a pistol drill. Yes, it works, but is a bit of a pain.

    So, I Googled deep hole drilling and mostly came up with gun drilling - not the best answer for 4.00 mm where I cannot easily rotate the job.

    These were interesting :-

    Steve's do-all machine was an inspiration, see :-

    Looking at my X2 mill, it seemed that it could be rearranged to be a horizontal borer/deep hole drilling machine. Therefore I bought a new X2 on offer from Axminster and one of these from Chronos :-

    and a table from Arc Euro:-

    and made this :-

    More photos in next post.


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    Two days work got me to proof of concept, then some creative machineing on my 12 x 36 lathe with the top slide removed.

    Mill some clearance so that the slide sat down properly.

    The X2 had a MT3 spindle, so I decided to modify the drawbar so that it would not require a hammer to release the collet.

    The top nut is a left hand thread on the X2.
    At the same time a few more positions were added to the spacer that acts to lock the spindle.

    Are you bored yet?

    More to come.



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      This is a little roller blind that keeps the swarf out of the rack.

      and you can see my spindle locking pin in this photo.

      This is a top view,

      The design limit is 1.50 mm off axis maximum at 150 mm deep and this little machine achieves 0.15 at the moment so I am well pleased. It can also be used for end working on long jobs that are too tall for my mill (hanging them over the side of the milling table was not an easy set up).

      The working envelope is 100 x 60 x 220 mm. I still have so work to do to finish it off, including adding a third axis readout.



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        I'm impressed with your original thinking. Good work.


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          You would find brass very easy to drill on a lathe with the spraymist system available here.