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Who uses one of these 5c chucks?

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  • Who uses one of these 5c chucks?

    Asked the question about holding small parts on my lathe the other day. I'm now leaning toward buying one of these 5c scroll chucks. I like that it is built with the D1-6 mount instead of having to add a backing plate. I am just wondering if anybody has one and what they think about it. Runout? Ease of use? Whatever.

    Thanks, Bob

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    I use one occasionally, I have a Bison, w/a backplate. Comes in handy for repeat jobs using a collet stop... Cutting off, machining a bunch of pieces to desired length etc. I don't use it as much as I could.

    I'll bet you could find one cheaper at Shars or CDCO.

    Mike Hunter


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      I use one here but not the POS made in India or China. They are very nice if you buy a good one.


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        I have two of the Bison adjustable 5C collet chucks. Adjustable is the only way to go in my opinion. Lets you correct for any run out. Depending on quality you may be out of luck with a fixed position chuck.



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          I have one of the set-tru models and like it a lot. I agree that it's the only way to go.
          Stuart de Haro


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            I have one fron CDCO, it ran $139. I needed to true the opening for the collet to get to have .0005" run out after I mounted it to the backing plate.


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              I have one I bought from CDCO and have .007 run out about 1 1/2" from collet. Self made backing plate mounted on lathe and trued in place with no run out.Did not indicate bore in yet as I have been too busy. Does not seem to be out of parallel but just plain crooked.
              mark costello-Low speed steel


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                I have a Bison D1-4 mount 5C chuck (non adjustable) that I bought from the OP poster vendor (chuckjawtools). Less than .00025 runout at the chuck. GREAT chuck..... Betcha' that 5C chuck listed in the posted ad is from India. If so, good luck (you'll need it if that's the case).



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                  Ok, so sounds like the style of chuck is easy to use and worth investing in but, I should go with the Bison set-tru for four times the money. Still, I'd rather spend the money and be happy with it than to buy a new doorstop.



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                    I recently installed an ER32 chuck on my little lathe and love it. I have 5C collets too but the narrow gripping range of the 5C collets convinced me to try the ER collets & chuck. They only go to 3/4" but that's the biggest stock I do repetitive work with.

                    Both systems have their pro's & con's.

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                      5C Chuck

                      I use the full range of 5C collets and have 6 different 5C chucks. 2 are adjust-tru Buck chucks, 3 are chi-com and 1 is a 6 jaw with long skinny jaws for drill bit grinding. The Chinese ones are a 3" and 4" 3 jaw and a 4" 4 jaw.
                      The 3 jaw ones run within a couple thou, good enough for some things. The 4 jaw is self explanatory. The adjust-tru 3 jaw chucks are really nice for the convenience factor of only having to dial them in once. I like them the best, but they are all serviceable and I use them all. The Chinese ones can be trued up with a toolpost grinder if desired. Also, I made a 5C to R8 adapter so I can use all my R8 ER and DA collet chucks in the lathe. The straight shank collet chucks can be used in a 5C collet.
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                        I have one of the cheap versions of that chuck and its great.

                        The thing I noticed is that even though the chuck has a ground finish, the outside grinding job bears no relationship to the actual bore. If you want it to run true, I suspect you have to make a custom backplate for each chuck.

                        At least that's what I did with mine:


                        It would have been nice to have an adjust-tru arrangement. Not hard to fabricate one.



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                          Our machine has a Lexair (USA made) chuck, I bored out a set of deep soft jaws to hold the 16c collet chuck so the big chuck does not have to be removed all the time. If you mark everything and very carefully clean the jaws before clamping it into the big chuck you will have .0001 plus or minus a few millionths everything (concentricity and run-out)


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                            Bob I bought one of the cheaper ones £99.00 delivered from chronos with d1-4" camlock fittings and it has almost no runout as good as it comes maybe I got a good one and am lucky but that would be unusual anway they meay sell you one with money back guarantee if your not absolutely satisfied with it. It can do no harm to ask.I would not always be afraid of Indian made stuff I have a friend in Germany who sells tools and he told me their stuff has improved tremendously over the last decade.Best of luck.Alistair
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