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  • Cross Atlantic Shipping Costs


    I've recently made several tooling orders from the UK, with greatly varying shipping costs.

    The commercial firms, likely with accounts with such as DSL, quote not-bad rates. Individuals quote gag-inducing rates.

    Going the other way, I returned a nearly 4 foot leadscrew to the UK, through USPS, at a cost of under $50. Two small lathe chucks, combined weight about 14 pounds, cost me over GBP 100 to come from the UK. I called DSL myself on this and they quoted an astonishing GBP 165 for just one chuck. They did say an account would get a lower rate.

    What do our cousins recommend for shipping tooling and such to the US? An individual in the UK may not be familiar with the best options and I want (really!) to help out next time.

    Thanks, Guys

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    Make a few phone calls and arrange your own shipping, You may? need to arrange your own broker tho. Some of the expidited shipping companys may as well offer free shipping as they make far more on all the added "surcharges" and so called paperwork fees.



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      I meant DHL, not DSL, didn't I. Or, 'it was meant.'

      To clarify, I want information to give to those in the UK, who have agreed to ship something to the US, but who have no experience with their options at home, and no accounts with outfits such as DHL. The UK post system is very expensive.

      My call to DHL got me nowhere. Myford, Hemingway, Arrand and Arc Euro manage pretty well. Who would the individual use?

      I don't intend to impose upon anyone for original research, just asking for an easy answer, or if there is one.

      Thanks, Mark


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        Works both ways, go a quote for postage to send a laptop cooling fan from CA to UK., Fan $2.50 Postage $29

        Regards Ian
        You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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          Got a package in the UK now and still wondering how I am going to get it here at a reasonable cost.
          I am the 'first stop' when you hit North America.
          so far the rates are high!!
          please visit my webpage:


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            I have a UPS shipper account and just shipped a small 22 lb package from the UK to Florida and it cost 168 GBP using my account.


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              Mark, Or anyone else, If it were me I'd google freight companys in both the UK and U.S. Then get on the phone. You'll find that the service is faster and any questions can be handled right then. Make sure you have the overall weight and package size to get an accurate freight quote. All shipping companys require this. As far as DHL goes, They jerked me around for three days last year on a quote for moveing a 600 lb. lathe from Quebec to B.C. At the end they said it was too heavy? Last time I drove tractor trailer I didn't see where 600 lbs. would be a problem. Within Canada or the U.S. I now use the company I once worked for, Quik-X Transport for heavy items.

              You'll also find that the smaller the freight company then generally the more reasonable their rates. The one killer is brokerage fees. For a low cost item this can cost more than what you ordered. You might also want to phone your nearest customs office and ask how you can act as your own broker for a non commercial shipment. Ever since 9/11 the rules have changed drasticly but it should still be possible to act as your own broker. Overnight air service is obviously the most expensive so ask for a non priority freight quote too. Hope some of this is usefull.

              Glenn, Roughly $300 for 22 lbs.? I'd get on the phone and get some answers. That is totall bs.

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                Thanks for the input, guys.

                Pete, my experience matches Glenn's. My 14 pound box, UK to US, quoted at over $250 from DHL. Sent by UK post, it was still a lot, $165 (contents worth $150). But, from the US to the UK, my leadscrew, 4 feet long and 10 pounds, was $48 with the US postal service - including insurance. On the other hand, commercial UK outfits can quote much more reasonable rates to the US for similar weights and sizes. How do they do that? I'm asking for any cousins who know to give a shout.

                Several of us in the US have looked for ways to get these rates for one-armfull packages without success, so I'm hoping to hear from someone in the UK with experience. If I wanted to find the best fish 'n' chips in Brighton, I'd ask the locals on the board before I'd start making trans-Atlantic calls to the local tourist offices. SeewhatImean?



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                  Find a freight company that has offices in both the UK and U.S. Most of them have 1-800 nos. too. Or to make it easier you can phone just about any decent sized freight company and tell them what you want. They in turn sub contract the order out if they aren't set up to do it. This all takes a bit of time but I'll bet you'd be supprised at the cost difference between various companys. I'm arrangeing a 350 lb. shippment from California to B.C. right now. The first quote I got was for over $1000. That company won't be getting my business. My second quote was for just over $500. 4-5 phone calls should give you a better perspective. The expidited freight companys are the most expensive way to go. UPS,FedX ect. specialise in priority freight and they charge accordingly. Time is money as the saying goes. That said, Lb. for Lb. a light weight item is always more expensive than a heavy item.



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                    We have UPS (well established over the last couple of years ) in the UK now ..they are an American company they even have their Amercan made trucks and vans over here ..why not ask them.

                    I just filled out the uk ups shipping thingy to see what's what.

                    To see how much the cost would be on a 25 kg parcel WORTH £250 sent from here (PRESTATYN) to New York in IN 46 x 33 x 8 cm /UPS Express Box

                    this the cheapest result for 25 kg
                    UPS Expedited
                    106.30 GBP
                    Declared Value 3.30 GBP
                    Fuel Surcharge 13.82 GBP
                    Shipment Total: 123.42 GBP

                    14 lbs 6.3 kg
                    65.15 GBP
                    Declared Value 3.30 GBP
                    Fuel Surcharge 8.47 GBP
                    Shipment Total: 76.92 GBP .... or $117.48

                    all the best.markj
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                      An update

                      While this doesnt involve shipping across the Atlantic It does demonstrate what I mean by getting various quotes for shipping. I mentioned that I recieved a quote for moving roughly 330 lbs. From California to B.C. Roadway Transport in the U.S. quoted at over $1000.00. My best deal I've found and the one I'm going with is from Quik X transport $546.00 That includes a pick up at a residential address. Still not super cheap but compared to Roadway I can't really complain.



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                        Try They have an online quote system.
                        Paul Compton