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  • Auto Oiler - plumbing, tubing, fitting help!

    I just salvaged an oiler off of a trashed Bridgeport from the scrap yard. I'd like to remove the grease fittings from my Millrite, and install tubing, and the oiler to give myself a nice way-oil system.
    But looking on McMaster-Carr, I can't find any male tubing fittings with a 1/4-28 thread. !!!????
    Do I have to install adapters (1/4-28 male to 1/8 NPT Female), then 1/8 NPT fittings for the tubing?
    This seems like alot of unnecessary extra widgets just to install tubing.
    Any tubing fittings with 1/4-28 thread? I sure couldn't find any.

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    Tubing Fittings

    The push-to-connect air line fittings have that thread. They would probably work, but make sure to use a type of tubing material that will hold up to oil.
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      Bijur oiler fitting threads are 5/16-24.


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        You will only need 6 are 8 just make them your self.Piece of 7/16 hex brass are 3/8 and a hours time. All done. You can buy the ferules and the nuts.
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          My local NAPA auto parts store has a surprisingly good supply of fittings.
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            A few years ago, I contacted Dropsa , a Lubrication Specialist firm
            They have 1/4-28 fittings


            I retrofitted two Bridgeports.
            They were incredibly helpful to a home shopper guy
            Their Michigan phone number is 586-566-1540

            Since they are Italian, they have lots of metric fittings.
            Prices were actually cheaper than local sources for tubing and connectors
            I imagine BiJur would have the same kind website info

            A word about lub systems.
            I think you just want a log manifold with oil pressure to all fittings.
            Realize that the loose gibs will get all the oil.
            This still works fine in most cases, just keep an eye on it.

            To prevent this and give more even flow to all lube points, Bridgeport and others use "'Metering" regulators or restrictors to even the flow in a log manifold.
            These setups require 20 to 50 PSI from the "One Shot Pump" and meter the flow through there connection
            Even Then ,some disparity can occur

            Some builders use 'Injectors"
            These are individual minature injecting pumps, that look like ordinary connectors.
            When the lube pump puts out pressure, each Injector charges up for it's oiling point and when manifold pressure receeds (1-2 min) the fire off to each lube point. Such systems require 300 PSI pumps min .

            Hope this helps
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