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Got a new toy- machine review-CNC router

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  • Got a new toy- machine review-CNC router

    Been a long time lurker. Havent posted much, just read alot. Decided I should post this. Bought a new CNC router off of E-bay.

    Well, not having really enough time to design and build one, because of workload I currently have in my homeshop, I decided to purchase one.

    This is one of the machines I went with.

    Looked like a decent starter machine to play with. Fit my budget at this time.

    Well after paying for it, took about 2 weeks to get to me.

    Arrived OK, but did have a split in one corner of the box. So of course I was concerned with anything that might have happened, so immediatly got it open up. Was actually pretty decently packed. Everything bubble wrapped, and heavy styrofoam everywhere.

    First notable damage was a sheetmetal bracket bent up. No biggie there I can straighten it out. Found a couple of dings on some of the aluminum supports. Once again I chalked it up to shipping. Unpacked the power supply for the spindle motor and it was dented in on top, and the plastic broken. I immediately opened up the spindle motor( cheap grinder type wasnt expecting much to begin with, going to replace anyhow). Plug everything in and it worked. Was acutally surprised by how smooth the grinder was. One of the plastic links actually took a hit, but again, chalked it up to shipping.

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    Skip foward and got the base squared up and made sure everything was tight. Had some problems getting the connecting bar screwed to the gantry(that connects the ballscrew to the gantry). Not real good line-up. Put the gantry on, and hooked up all electronics to the computer. Did a quick setup in Mach3, and put power to it. Not bad needs some tweaking on everything.

    Well after doing some mechanical tweaking, I noticed the z-axis moving very oddly. As it would transverse up and down it would wobble. So I tried to retighten and tweak. Nothing worked. So I decided to tear into it to figure out the problem. What I found was not real assuring to say the least. The bottom bearing surface that had been machined on the ballscrew runs out .01" from the screw itself. Also it measures .423" in dia. while the bearing that it runs in measures on the ID .470". To say the least I am not happy with this. So I tore into the other 2 and found the same thing. The threads on the ends of the screws also might have about .020" worth of engagement. Talk about crappy work. Give me a chisel and i could do alot better. Will get some pics of this to put up later.

    Also found out, as I tried to mount the spindle mount to the z-axis, the spindle mount is not machined flat, and the z-axis plate is not machined flat. Could not even mount it. Would need to be re-machined to work.


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      So that got me thinking what else? Well the ad states that is would be made from .48 thick aluminum. Well after looking at the gantry sides, something did not appear correct. After getting my calipers guess what, they are not. How about we say .385-.390"

      So, I have now sent 2 e-mails to the seller, stating and explaining in detail with pictures what I have found. Am now just waiting on a response on what is going to happen to resolve the problems. I have sent 2 options to them, with them supplying replacement parts, and me doing some of the needed repairs(including me machining the new ballsrews so I know they will be correct) and partial refund on purchase price. And the other where they will just get it back with me leaning towards that. But we shall see what will happen.

      They have sent a couple of e-mails back, one saying the damage could have been due to the DHL road crash. Wow did not mention this to me at all. Another one stated that I could tighten up the set screws in the collar on the bearing to make it work correctly. My thoughts is temporary fix, not a correct fix.

      Just wanted to post this up, so anybody else considering this can see what I have encountered.