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  • Select Machine Tool Model OB Mill

    I am trying to locate an owners manual for this mill and have had no success. I have emailed them with no response. I know Select Machine Tool was just an importer. Are there other brands of mill that are of the same manufacturer and model that are the same, that I could look under for a manual.

    I will try to post some pictures. No good! I am not allowed to post attachments. Sorry! It's a knee mill/drill machine with a 6X24 table.
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    Do you have an image to show members what the machine looks like?
    If not, does the OB Drill/Mill look like any of the machines offered
    by Grizzly Tools?

    Grizzly has a selection of manuals for machines they represent. These
    manuals are available for download in PDF format - often a link to a
    manual can be found on the specification page for a given machine.
    There is also a dedicated section of the website for product manuals.



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      Yeah, really need more info ---
      Is it a mill-drill type?
      A Bridgeport clone/type?
      Bench top?
      Etc, etc...

      A picture is really needed, I'm not familiar at all with the name.
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        Hello GB, Have an OB, I will look for a manual tonight, not sure if I have one. Regards, Earl


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          GB, Yes, I have a manual on the OB mill, made by Kao Fong (or Feng) in Taiwan. It is pretty basic at 11 pages, 6 of which are parts list & illustration. There is not a lot of information in it. The last contact I had with Select was in 1983. The manual is larger than standard 8.5 x 11, so I don't know if it can be scanned. Let me know if you still want a copy. Regards, Earl