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Barring tool, 5.9 Cummins diesel

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  • Barring tool, 5.9 Cummins diesel

    Tool is used to manually rotate/position the Cummins 5.9 diesel engine as found in late model Dodge fullsized pickups. Used to temporarily engage the flywheel starter ring teeth.

    Anybody have one, whereby you could measure and eMail dimensions to me? Why buy off eBay for 90 bucks when I can use a whole weekend to make one for my personal use?????

    Thanks for any info--G

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    I Have this one from a 6CTA generator which is possibly around 9 litres, it may be too big:

    I'll measure it anyway just in case, sorry for metric measurements, no imperial measuring eqpt on board except my rule.

    LOA 67mm
    Diia of collar 38mm
    Dia of Barrel 29.3mm
    Major Diameter at splines 28mm
    No of teeth 8
    Minor dia of splines approx 19mm
    Shape of spline semi circular
    Major length of spline 17mm
    Top of spline rounded
    Tip of spline 3mm
    Width of groove approx 7mm

    The tool is in 3 parts, the splined portion is driven from the end by a 3/8 square drive which has a dia of 22.2mm which passes through a small spacer of 6.4mm thickness and the portion with the collar of 26.5mm held together with a circlip.

    If it is the right one I hope that this helps, any further info required, please holler.



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      I have one Guido, an OTC one like the one you pictured, think I paid less then $40 locally. I won't be near my keyboard or the shop till Sat. noon or there abouts.
      The dimensions for the "C" series Cummins, that Dick gave you should be the same though, as the OTC website lists that tool for both applications.

      I'll measure mine Sat. morning, if it's any different I'll PM you.
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        Should've said before perhaps, mine branded Bluepoint, part number YA9565A


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          Should be available at local (phone book ) Cummins dealer for a lot less than 90.00....
          Snap On, Mac, Cornwall trucks also...

          Really no accuracy required. just needs to hit teeth without binding...

          Ebay does not automatically mean cheaper..