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  • OT Latest eBay scam:

    Aint no one jumpier thn me when it comes to openng email but this one caught me unaware.

    It's a common enough ebay message where some seller appears to ask "Are you going to pay for that item?" Makes you think: "Did I buy something and forget to pay for it?"

    There's a number to click on. It takes you to the log-in page where you enter your screen name and password. As it happened I signed on to eBay an hour earlier. I went to real eBay, tried the number, and got no hit. It's a fraud, a clever phishing scheme. They're after my screen name and password.

    The on-screen graphics and text look entirely plausible but there are a few things that should set your alarm bells ringing: There is no auction title, only the number. The number is two digits short of the usual eBay number. When you hover the cursor over the number the URL appears odd if you're familiar with eBay's message addy's.

    Be aware.
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    I've seen that as well. I have even seen these for paypal stuff as well. I always go strait to the sorce (ebay, paypal, etc) and check what is going on before following any links in the email.

    Never follow links in emails for ebay or paypal. Always go strait to the website and log in from there and check what is going on.


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      Thats been happening for some years now, ebay request you forward it to their scam site.
      I am not sure how they deal with them.


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        I used to get a lot of those. If it looked at all suspicious I didn't open it, just forwarded it to spoof It was always a scam. Peter
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          maybe they resurrected that old scam - because I remember getting a flock of those a couple of years ago.


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            Hotmail seems to have just outright disabled all (e-mail embedded) links nowdays, you HAVE to copy/paste them into your browser
            They still appear blue and underline when you mouseover, but clicking does nothing.
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              look at the link the email tries to send you to