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Care and feeding of 4-jaw chuck

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  • Care and feeding of 4-jaw chuck

    I would like to know what is considered the proper grease/oil for a 4-Jaw chuck and how as well as where you would apply it. I guess we could include instructions for those who use 3-jaws as well.


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    I wouldn't use grease at all. Grease likes to attract chips and hold onto crud. A light-weight oil is your best bet.
    Personally, I don't oil mine.
    I just clean it out really good, and make sure there's no moisture near it.


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      I used Bison chuck grease, but never again. I just cleaned one of mine of all the grease and put it back together with way lube. Not the best probably, but better than grease.. it's a third or fourth hand chuck, so operator comfort takes precedence.



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        Don't overtighten when holding things by the tip of the jaws, unless you wanna spring the jaws.

        Toilet paper tube in the throughhole does wonders for keeping stuff outta the worm pins/etc while boring.
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          Pull the jaws once in a while and clean out the jaw screw threads and the nternal threads in the jaws. This is one place you can use plenty of air with a clear conscience.

          Lube with light oil, NOT grease. Grease is sticky and holds chips and scale. Rest assured whatever you use to lube a shuck you will collect on your shirt front and in your left ear.

          Fact of life.


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            Despite all the other suggestions, grease is the way to go.
            Bison says: heavy machine oil or grease. And they sell grease for their chucks.
            Rِhm says: Grease. And they sell grease for their chucks.
            None of them sells oil.

            The oil won't stay put for a long time, even a way oil. To much centrifugal force. The chuck grease is very sticky and has high pressure additives. It also seems to be a lithium grease, so it won't be washed out by coolant.

            Since I lubricate my chucks with grease, I actually do have less problems with chips jamming the jaws. They don't tend to wander inside, but get stuck right at the beginning. Whenever I change or reverse the jaws, I clean them with a brush.

            Rِhm sells some rubber foam pads that go into the T-slots of the jaws. Prevents chips coming inside. But only useful in a production setup when you don't change diameters.

            If you don't lube correctly, you will lose a lot of clamping force. A lot is not just some percent, but a factor of 3 as a ballpark.



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              I have used furniture wax spray in the past with some success, I was thinking of using some car sillicon spray that is used for spraying interior plastics on car facias nothing seems to stick to that.