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    Have these things gotten this Expensive?


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    no. there were some awhile ago, atlas or southbend that were discovered new in their crates and whoever scooped them up had an asking price in that range...not sure what success or failure he met with but they were new old stock. I'd speculate the current vendor saw that asking price and erroneously interpreted an asking price as market


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      This does sound like a nice shaper, but, whew! And going by the description, it isnt one of the ones Mcgyver is talking about.

      Those were South Bends too, 13 or 14 of them discovered, or finally released, or whatever at Red River army base near Texarkana, Ark, a year or so ago. They were still in the original packing crates covered in cosmoline and apparently had every accessory SB offered at the time. There were indications the same guy bought all of them at $4000-4500. Shorty after there were some on ebay with something like $4500 starting bid... I'm like Mcgyver and dont know or follow what or how they/he did. Maybe someone else kept more track of them???

      I would dearly have loved to have one --- but --- I couldnt stand that kind of price
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        The South Bends that were posted on Ebay from the army auction never sold, now they might have sold in private sales but not on Ebay. Who ever posted that on ebay is on crack. 1/2 the guys I know that bought them for $750-$900 2 years ago have sold them as they don't know what to use them for, when you have a well tooled vertical mill the shaper becomes mainly obsolete and is very slow compared to the mill. Now I would like to have a small shaper but I have a reoccuring job that is more suited to a small shaper than mill, but I'm not spending more than about $750 on one when I decide to buy one.
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          I've got an Atlas I paid $850 for but it was in excellent condition and had the vise. My Whipp 16" shaper was $300 and also came with the vise.


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            Originally posted by Mcgyver

            I'd speculate the current vendor saw that asking price and erroneously interpreted an asking price as market
            That's exactly what happened -- it's become Internet Lore: the legend of the 13 "New" Army Shapers spread like wildfire across the 'net, starting with the Yahoo Shaper group, then spreading to PM and Chaski, and eventually here.

            The bidding was frenzied like I've never seen. I dropped out around $1,000. I watched the buyer in Salt Lake placing identical bids on 13 of the 14 shapers. The cheapest one sold for $1870, the highest was $2827.

            They were rusted and shelf worn from sitting around in an Army depot for 50 years, so the dealer hit them with a rattle can paint job and put them back on Ebay for $5,000, where they didn't sell, of course. He's re-listed them several times since, and I think that's the same seller advertising them in Home Shop Machinist magazine.

            He's probably realized by now that he made a $30,000 mistake...
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              How about a larger Russian shaper, for sale at $650.

              All you need to do is arrange shipping from Norway.