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  • Stuck backplate

    The backplate has been stuck on my spindle ever since I got it. I think we discussed it 2 years ago, lol. Now the lathe is running and I want to remove it.

    Oil and Kroil followed by enthusiastic hammering has failed so far.

    The Atlas/Craftsman yahoo group people say a 50/50 mix of automatic transmission fluid and acetone is the best free-ing fluid. Will acetone eat a freezer bag? My idea was to put the spindle's business end in a bag, fill it with the mixture, and then close the bad around the spindle to keep the acetone from evaporating. I'd contain this in a milk jug to prevent a total mess.

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    I shouldn't think the acetone would present any problem to a freezer bag. I think they're polyethylene and don't respond to most solvents. I've got some of the ATF/acetone in a little squeeze bottle that's probably the same plastic as the bags, certainly not PET or anything more exotic and it's no problem in that bottle (other than acetone evaporating because I've got no tight cap).
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      I think just pouring some on would work just about as well

      Also, what type of hammer where you using? a rubber or deadblow hammer is usally best as you can REALLY beat on it without leaving a mark, and they give more solid blows then metal on metal.

      also, alternate you blows from side to side incase it got wedged in.
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        3lb sledgehammer hitting a 2x4 chucked into the 4-jaw.

        Looks like I need a little bottle with an applicator tip.
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          I removed a very well jammed chuck and back plate from a friends lathe not too long ago....again. I assume yours is thread mount as well

          The method I used was to first, very solidly wrap a v-belt around one of the spindle pulleys. Next I put a 2" hex nut in his three jaw chuck with enough sticking out to put a socket onto. I then used a 3/4" air impact gun to rattle the chuck and backing plate off.

          The trick to using the impact gun is to have as rigid a setup as possible.
          This means getting a very secure grip on the spindle pulley, the more it wiggles the less effective the blows from the impact gun.

          When done I told him the next time he insists on spinning his chuck on it's his baby!
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            How easy is the spindle to disassemble? I expect if you've just got the lathe running you may not want to.

            I had a stuck chuck on a myford and I made a split bush with a keyway out of hex stock which I could grip in a vice and use a bit of leverage against the chuck:

            No photos of the process, but it just popped and unscrewed easily after that.

            Good Luck.


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              It's a thread-mount spindle. DD, I had considered doing that very thing in order to protect my bearings. It's nice to see the picture. My bearings are split Babbitt - the spindle is trivial to remove.

              Thanks all for the ideas.


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                Remove the chuck from the back plate and in it's place bolt a foot long piece of strap iron so that it sticks out one side. Then use an air hammer against the end of the strap iron. Should take a few seconds to loosen it.

                edit: you need to have the chuck off the back plate so the inertia of the chuck doesn't soak up all the impact.
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                  Might be a few more ideas for you, from 2010-02. Good luck with it.



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                    Don't beat on it... Machine it off -right down to the threads.... the rest will come off...