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    Any body have an idea when a Model 41 Serial number 11480 was made??? I have a great friend and I cannot find out this info for him. I found a site that wants $40 bucks for the info.....Oh well Can anybody help me out? Many thanks in advance Fred

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    Does this help?

    This is as close as I could come up with on short notice.
    Otherwise you're going have to help me move heaven and earth in order to find a book that I know I have here...somewhere.
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      Jinks' book has all post war S&W auto pistols in the same series of serial numbers. The first standard M-41 was produced in 1957, serial number 1401. By the end of 1958, 9875 M-41s had been made. With the other designs also in this series, it appears that 11480 would be in or about 1958. Close enough?



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        S&W serial number

        most people substitute XX for the last 2 digits in the serial number, they dont want the ATF or who ever showing up some day,(in the far far future i hope), on thier door step, demanding you turn over said S&W with said serial number, because you put complete number on the web for all to see,some one could also file stolen gun report in your area and then call cops on you or your great friend,claiming it was stolen.its also possible that said S&W was stolen say 20-50 yrs ago and owner reported it and serial number is in someones data base,again LEO's on you or your great friends door step .
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          Thanks to all for the help. I am not much into guns but my friend has no computer so asked for help. I will pass the information along. best regards Fred


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            If you email S&W they will probably help you. They got back to me in two days on my K22 Masterpiece mfg date question.