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help holding odd work piece.

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  • help holding odd work piece.

    I have no idea how i would hold these knife handle so i can mill some simple flats. I dont know how i would get these in the vise straight. There are no flat edges anywhere on the sides so i have no idea on how to hold it straight.

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    put them in a little shallow pan, and melt some "CerroSafe " or similar low temp metal around the work piece.


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      Using two or more of the available holes in the handle pieces, screw them down to a bar which will be held in the vise.

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        Clamp them in the vise between to hardwood blocks wide enough to permit the cutter, then mill the flat through the wood as necessary.


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          If the flats are on the larger face (side?) just clamp it to the mill table.

          If the flats are on the lesser face (top/bottom?) just clamp it to an angle plate.


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            I vote with 38_Cal: screw them down to a block.
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