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  • Chatty machinists needed

    Tomorrow (May 12) at 6:00am PDT or later (all day, in fact) I need some chatty machinists to try out my metal mumblers chat site. It's limited to 10 users for the purpose of taking metrics and I'd like to see what happens if 10 metal mumblers all get on line at the same time and yak it up. I may not be there but will gather the logs.

    The URL is

    You don't need a password but a login name is needed so we don't all look like John Doe. What I'm trying to do is check the bandwidth/connection rate of the software in a controlled experiment. Flash is recommended but not essential. The annoying sound can be turned off at the bottom right corner speaker icon.

    There's a timer on it that opens up between 6:00am and midnight so tonight won't work.
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    Heh - I should probably turn on the chat page after everyone's had a cup of coffee .


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      XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
      Line Number 226, Column 340:

      this is what came up when I looked.


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        I am there, no one else is.


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          not me

          Could not find an acceptable username, no joy


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            Any name will work - don't use a password.


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              Thanks to all who participated. Good to meet you all and swap stories in real time. It brings another dimension to this on-line experience.

              The software worked very well and did not have any impact on the system and all the other duties it needs to fulfill, so I'll leave it running. Like any software it may not work for everyone. And like any open system it is subject to abuse by the dark leathery underbelly of the Internet so I may have to adjust the access down the road.

              Anyway - drop in and say howdy: If nobody's there, wait a short while and someone will come strolling in.