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  • Read, Digest and file.

    A few days ago, one or two decided to TRY to give me an a**e kicking for objecting to a what I (and all of my past mentors) considered to be an unsafe set up for radius milling. One or two didn't actually read and understand what I had actually written (seems to happen regularly as the red mist descends on the keyboard), so without intending to state the obvious, I saw this on another forum today.


    All the guys that shouted and stopped ME from getting it wrong as a lad, cos a kids we know naff all but in growing up(?) we tend to (or should)see the dangers involved had bits of fingers and lumps missing and were damned sure I wasn't going to suffer the same, ---- not everything worked.

    Now for all that had to go take pills for their blood pressure after my comments, I sincerely apologise, unfortunately or hopefully fortunately the generator of the post damaged only the machine and cutter and NOT himself. He also seems to have been using what is deemed to be the "Correct" type of cutter holder, but there's NO WAY I'm going down that road.

    Sorry it's from another Forum George, and I take NO pride in posting this in an effort or intending to gain points, but before any say "But I only", sorry, I DO think we have a duty of care NOT to show new guys the wrong way to do things.

    Regards Ian.
    You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

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