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Thinking of getting a Darex V390

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  • Thinking of getting a Darex V390

    Ok, I am thinking of getting one of these, well basically convinced I am getting one. My question is what is the best price one can be had for?

    Using the Enco 15% code it is around $1325

    I found another site that sells them normal price at $1327

    Should I wait till MSC drops a 25-40% code I can eventually use on this to get it even lower?

    Opinions appreciated.

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    Originally posted by jc250r31
    Opinions appreciated.
    That remains to be seen

    Your checking for best price now, not much more to add to help in that regard. Could also depend on how badly you want/need it as well as to how long you want to search for the absolute best price, that can get real old after a while. I know I've just stopped hunting and bought whatever because I was tired of looking.


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      Originally posted by jc250r31
      Opinions appreciated.
      Opinion and question?

      Question first, with a statement, I play this metal game for money(I'd rather not have the money part involved, but somebody has to pay for me to play), 2 CNC mills and a CNC lathe, 60 hours a week, 2 man shop, I don't think we spent $1300 in drills in 2 years.

      Is this for a home shop?

      Opinion. We got sick of using some crap drills that were hanging around, or running out of the sizes we needed in good drills, so the new years present for us was $2200 in cobalt split points, 1276 of 'em, from #70's to 1/2", jobber and screw machine lengths. Not every size and not every size in both lengths, we had a bunch but just wanted to completely fill in. Well under MSC's 35% off price and IIRC 52% off of their normal price. (Hint: from somebody that pops in here on rare occasion and sells over on the other board).

      I could not justify the cost of a drill sharpener that cost that much. If I had 20 machines and 15 guys and one monkey in the tool crib, I could justify it.

      That's a lot of nut to save a few $$ if your a small operation and don't already have the downtime that's being paid for.


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        I also have to agree with bobw53. One thing that should also be mentioned is not only will the Darex cost you a bunch of money but it will also eat a bunch of your time standing there sharpening drills. I would much rather buy new drills and spend my time making something cool.
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          Unless you are wealthy and just enjoy owning nice tools to play with, I also think this is not a good idea. But I also don't go for the "just buy more bits" angle. I'm too likely to break my last good bit at 10 pm on Saturday night.

          So I have a very nice Christen that does bits from the size of a hair up to 1/4 (technically, realistically up to about 3/16). I paid $50 for it. Those are so cheap it really isn't worth spending more than that. But again, it's is amazingly accurate and does a fantastic job, plus I don't have to stock packs in every size and point angle/style.

          For larger bits, I have an SRD that handles 1/8" up to something like 13/16. This gets a LOT of use. And I've built up lots of drills in different points, always sharp bits on hand, and it's SO easy and fast to use. Can't be beat. My deal was a real "gloat" at $45 for an 80M in near new condition at a local auction. I've never seen that good a deal before or since. But with a little luck you can find them for $100-200 or so. And going rate on ebay is about $400, which is much better than the Darex. It's not quite as flexible, but IMO just as good in ALL the ways that really count. It doesn't do "true" split points unless you get the upgrade attachment, but it does great 4 and 6 facet tips. Still cheaper than Darex, and from what I've seen, SO much faster and easier to use in a HSM environment (where you usually/often do no more than one or two at a time).

          I'm also lucky enough that a friend has the version that handles 3/4 to 1.5" (or so?) that I use for my big MT and S&D drills.

          I would love to find a smoking deal on a Darex, or Black Diamond (ONLY if it had all collets!!!), or larger Christen, maybe a Lisle or the like for really big bits, but only if it were very cheap. IMO, it's just not cost or space effective it to spend a lot of money on a drill bit sharpener. For $1k, you would be far better of to buy packs of PTD (or similar) in every letter/number/fractional size and (common) style, then replace as needed.
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            It is for a home shop basically. I don't do it full time. I just kinda hate to buy a drill doctor 750 and possibly waste my money when I could have gotten something that works the first time.
            Then again I do understand where you are coming from about it being expensive as well (Darex). I was looking at it to where it would probably last me 20-30years if not longer the way I take care of my equipment in general. No it won't pay for itself soon but maybe over time.


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              The Darex v390 sells for 2300 Euro's in Germany. That would be around 2849 dollars. It is always amazing how much more we have to pay for tools here.
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                I have a Drill Doctor 750 that I picked up for around 130$ at OSH.
                Its not the most robust machine I own, but it can produce sharpened drill bits that are very accurate if you are willing to spend an hour or so the first time you use it dialing it in and getting use to its quirkiness . After the initial dialing in period the first time I used it, it now takes me about 1.5 minutes to sharpen bits up to 1/2 inch and a little longer for larger bits up to 3/4 inch. For my bigger bits I use a drill point gage and hand sharpen which is fairly easy on these large bits.
                Case in point: a few weeks ago I was drilling a 49/64 hole using a taper shank bit in my lathe in preparation for reaming a 3/4 hole in some CRS that had been pilot drilled to 1/2 inch. I could visually see that the bit was pulling hard to one side so I stopped and spent all of about 2 minutes sharpening the bit in my Drill Doctor. I remounted the bit and drilled the hole. I then mic'd the hole using a telescoping gage and found that the hole was only oversize by 0.0005! I would have been happy with (and expected) an oversize hole of 10 times that amount (0.005) for that size of twist drill. This was clearly a very precisely ground bit.
                I can't imagine not having a drill sharpener for the smaller bits which are hard to sharpen accurately by hand or for bigger bits that cost upwards of 40-60$ each and just throwing them out each time they dulled. Its great and sometime imperative of having the ability to have a sharp bit on hand. If I had continued drilling the hole above without sharpening it, I would have ended up ruining the work with an oversize hole prior to reaming.


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                  You don't need such an expensive machine to sharpen drills professionaly I bought a nice Jones and shipman full floor standing machine for about £120 in all and it does a great job.I shudder to think what it might cost new check ebay or craigslist for used and save a packet on new prices.You can get a really good machine £ 3 $ cents Alistair
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                    The V390 is an excellent machine, we have sold a used one for $1100 that was like new. The machine is excellent for home and a few drill bits a day, its not really made for production. We use the Darex SP2500 here in the shop, I used to keep it next to the slant bed and sharpen the drills alot. The sp2500 eliminated the drill walking problem we had because it is right on the money. If you must buy new you will like the V390. The MSC coupon for 30% more than likely will not work for that item. We tried to get a distributor ship from Darex and they would not give us a good discount, I think MSC sets the rules for alot of these companies so little mom & pops like us cannot get into the market.