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  • Chinese bandsaw question

    Regarding those 6" bandsaws, regardless of who puts there name on them, has anyone either left one standing for an extended period of time or converted on to dedicated vertical work?

    I dragged a used one home a couple months ago, cleaned it up a bit, changed the oil in the gear box, partially dismantled it for later conversion to vertical only use, then placed it in temporary storage so that it could leak oil all over the floor of my workshop I wonder if the seal over the gearbox on these is capable of being in that position and holding the oil in for extended periods of time. As designed, the saw is laying more or less flat and the gear box holds as much oil as it will hold in this position. So, in its normal at-rest position, it can't leak oil. But, if it is standing up, the rubber gasket which provides the seal is all important.

    Has anyone dealt with this issue before? How can it be solved?
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    I'd better check mine, I didnt know that there was oil in the 'box, I presume when you say the 'box you mean the transfer 'box where drive goes through 90 degrees to the wheel that holds the blade.
    There is probably, or should be a oil seal on the shaft, maybe on yours some saw dust and cack has got onto the seal and ruined it, either that or these things are so cheap that there is not a seal fitted, maybe they just rely on the fact that the saw spends most of its time horizontal and the oil level is below the shaft, therefore doesnt leak all the time.
    Mine is a sealey and soes not have the vertical table, the clarke version does.
    I was thinking of adapting mine into a permanent vertical till I had a barn find and got a proper one.
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      My HF 4x6 sets in the vertical position for weeks at a time, particularly now that I have the larger Wells. Doesn't seem to be a problem, and I've also changed out the burnt molasses garbage they come with for some heavy weight gear oil, and made a proper gasket for the cover plate. Mine has been running steadily with no additional service (to that area) for several years since the re-lube.
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        I had to tip mine onto its side to prevent it from spilling oil after opening it, so I know it was filled above the gasket level
        And afterwards I filled it above the gasket level (when horzontal) and tiped it back upright and it did'nt leak, maybe you need a new gasket, or to clean the mating surfaces.
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          mine sits year and year out verticle and about 10% I lay it down. for a cut. I only checked it one and it was full of grease and never leaks. It is a Rung Fu Brand nearly identicle to the HF ED
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            theres an idea, if it leaks, clean it out and gob it full of ep2 grease, you'll still have the lube, but no leaks.
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              Mine sits vertical as often as not and never leaks.

              I too have changed the oil several times since I've had it and although I was going to use an 80W90 GL-5 gear oil I changed my mind and went to an ISO 68 hydraulic oil. After seeing the brass gear inside the gearbox I thought it best not to use gear oil with EP additives due to the corrosive nature of the EP additives to yellow metals, although in all honesty I don't believe the pressures and temps in these gear boxes are high enough to cause concern in this regard.

              If I were you I would suspect the oil seal has failed and most very likely perhaps the bearing behind it as well
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                My 4x6 cheap(cost wise too) band saw works just fine. The gear box has a gasketed plate. No leaks, drips or errors(once it is tuned). I often leave it in the vertical configuration. You say you opened up the gear box. Maybe the gasket needed to be RE-sealed better upon RE-assembly. Although don't rule out a bad casting .
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                  I had one 20+ years and it stayed in vertical probably 90% of the time, I even cobbled up a little replacement table to have more area when cutting (this is common with many owners!)

                  As mentioned, replace the gasket and go back with heavy gear oil (I use 140), it shouldnt leak if all is right.

                  Couple years ago I replaced it with the "swivel" version and it is used in the same way ---

                  If youre like the rest of us, youre gonna love that little saw - its gotta be one (if not the best!) tool out of the Chinese tools.

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