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Locating Die Filer files...

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    I haven't bought any from them but Victor Machine has them...seem pretty reasonable too I think.


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  • Your Old Dog
    started a topic Locating Die Filer files...

    Locating Die Filer files...

    I've had my die filer for over a year now. In just the past few weeks someone came up on ebay selling a mess of them. He is/was selling them in lots of 10 per shape. I was able to score 10 pillar, 10 round and 10 triangle files all 1/4". They are Nicholson, 00 cut and in brand new unused pristine AND EXPENSIVE :d

    I had to go $45 es better for each lot of 10 but having a die filer with nothing to feed it is kind of silly too !!

    I managed to score a set of 12 various type files all new in 00 cut some time ago. I hope to use all these when making custom or hand made hunting knives, spears and battle axes