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Star is DONE! several pics

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  • Star is DONE! several pics

    We finally finished our Star engine models (castings from Debolt Machine), begun in November, 2008. We had lots of interruptions and other priorities that slowed us down.

    Here's some pics:

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    The nameplate

    And a closeup of the nameplate:

    This fine piece of work is courtesy of Evan, who carved it out on his CNC mill while we were visiting last July. We stayed a couple of nights in Evan's driveway while on the way home from our Alaska trip.

    Of course, the '2009' completion date was wishful thinking, it took a bit longer than anticipated. The only thing left to do is build the box to cover the spark coil and Hobbs meter. Haven't yet totalled the hours, but other models have required about 500 hours/each for the 2 of us.

    Thanks, Evan!!


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      Darn nice work JD. Wish I had the patience to attempt that. I guess I'd need patience and MONEY and a big scrap bin! It really looks slick. Do you plan to post a video of it operating?
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        Nice work! Now how about a video of it running??


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          Very nice. It's not how long it took, it's how much fun you had doing it that counts. When you hurry all the fun goes out of a project.
          It's only ink and paper


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            Very awsome
            One question however...
            Is that a 3HP motor thats 1/5th scale of a much larger and more powerful motor?

            Or is it a 1/5th scale of a 3hp motor, meaning its actualy 0.6hp~?
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              Thanks for the kind words, fellas!

              Yes, these models are NOT cheap, besides the casting set, you'll get nearly half-again as much in one by the time you're done. We've always bought the hardware (bolts & nuts), oilers, coils, etc. from Debolt, plus we buy most of whatever else is needed. Some comes from the scrap bin, such as the brass for the muffler; Debolt furnishes a hunk of C.I. bar to make it. Most of the round bar stock is drill rod of various sizes. Plus, there's reamers, taps, dies, etc. that most HSMs probably don't have. We are now at the point of having most of that stuff on hand, since this is our 3rd model, and Debolt uses much the same sizes on all of 'em. Things like 5-40, 4-40, 3-48, 2-56, 0-80, and 1/16 NPT, plus reamers from .062" to 5/8". Naturally, we don't have a set that includes these, we buy them as needed, mostly from Enco.

              It is quite intimidating the first time you set up a casting for machining, or at least it is for me. Debolt has replacements, of course, but most of them will run more than $100.00, so you really don't want to screw up. Of course, many screwups are fixable, putting a tapped hole in the wrong place is an all-too-common one for me. Run in a screw with some LocTite, cut it off, then D&T the new hole. No big deal.

              After building the Vaughn, I cobbled up a Prony Brake to check the HP. It developed about 1/20 of a HP, even though it's half-scale of a 2 Hp engine. I'd guess that the Star is similar; my Prony Brake setup will only work on the Vaughn pulley. See for pics of the Vaughn and Olds engines. They're under "Projects".

              I'll try to figure out how to post a video.

              BTW: these things do sell, and for serious money. Debolt gets $5000.00 for the Olds, and $4000.00 for a Star. When we built the Olds, we decided to build a 3rd and sell it. I ran an ad on Harry's site and sold it to a fella in Florida for $4000.00. He was so tickled with it that he almost immediately asked if we'd build a Star for him. We had another request for a Star, that guy wanted to buy 3 sets of castings and would do all the finishing on the 3 engines in return for one. We decided that our time was worth more than that, if money was the object, we'd look for a real job. <<grin>> The point is, you CAN build these things with no net outlay if you're so inclined.


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                That looks great Jim. That is about the size of engine I need to run from an 8 foot satellite dish
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                  That looks great Jim. That is about the size of engine I need to run from an 8 foot satellite dish.
                  I don't understand. This is a gasoline engine, how is it going to "run from an 8 foot satellite dish"?

                  The carburator is directly over 'your' nameplate, the ignitor is on top of the cylinder.


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                    Something that size in a hot air engine is what I have in mind. Maybe generate power to pump the hot water in my solar collector. Perhaps a Stirling although it is very difficult to find good plans for a Stirling larger than a toy. Stirling engines do not scale well. A Stirling could generate power on cloudy days or in winter running from the waste heat of my natural gas and wood heaters.
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