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  • Lathes on sale

    There are some lathes on sale this month at MSC and Enco.

    MSC has their Vectrax 14 x 40 2hp at about $3900.

    Enco has a couple 13 x 40's, a 1 1/2hp at about 2600, a 3hp for about 3800.

    Does anyone have any experience with these lathes?

    I have seen some of the Enco machines in places I have worked, some pretty good, some not so good. I have no experience at all with the Vectrax line and just wondered if anyone else had.

    I think I have a handle on some lathe work, been looking at older machinery. We have a combination of American and Japanese industry in the area, so what I wind up with needs to be able to thread English/ metric rather readily.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I know a guy that turned a Grizzly back in due to bad spindle bearings and bought the Vectrax. He's happy with it so far.


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      The Enco lathes that I have used were junk


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        I know what you are saying about the Enco machines. It seems like every shop I have ever worked at had an Enco mill that no one trusted to do anything but polish stuff with. They were the smaller lathes and way underbuilt for any real kind of work.

        The shop I work in now has a 1680 Enco that seems to do a nice job, otherwise I wouldn't consider them at all.

        Been seeing a lot of the Vectrax stuff on sale (I get the MSC sale flyers) just didn't know what kind of machinery it was.

        When all is said and done I will probably try to shoot for something bigger in the used catetgory. Missed out on a couple of good deals locally- sold within 3 hours of posting on CL!