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    Any you American Guys ever Deal with TP Tools from OHIO? I was wondering about there Quality (Im looking at a new soda blasting setup for my engine building hobby) wether or not its made in North America or is Chinese stuff which i do NOT like to purchase?/ Thanx

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    I have a sandblaster I built with parts from them, probably 15 or 20 years ago. It still works fine.
    They are a pretty low end place- oriented towards auto hobby types, not industry.
    Real commercial sandblasting places would wear out their equipment in about a day- but it works fine for home shop stuff.
    Like the soda blasting cabinet- $900 or so- a real industrial one would probably run you at least 5 grand. You get what you pay for.

    I built my own metal cabinet, and bought a foot pedal, gun, window, gloves, and dust collection system from them.
    For soda blasting its not so critical, but for sand blasting, you gotta buy the expensive carbide nozzles.

    All the stuff I got from them appeared to be made in USA, but, as I said, this was early 90's, so I cant speak for what they sell now.

    Still, I would buy from them over Northern Tool, or Eastwood, or Harbor Freight- they specialize in blasting, they know what they are talking about, they stock parts, and they can help you get the best system for you, at a pretty reasonable price.


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      Everything I have ever heard about TP Tools was good. I honestly don't know if their stuff is imported, but you can call them and find out.
      Based on the statements on their 'about' page, I'd guess that they avoid selling imports whenever possible.


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        well living in Ohio......i have bought several items from them and never had an issue....have a blast cabnet i bought years ago and still going strong....have bought several hand tools .......i think its a great no expert but a did stay at a Motel 6 last night.......