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pinion and coupler for crawler

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  • pinion and coupler for crawler

    This is my first post. I have been lurking and learning. What type of steel should be used tomake a pinion and coupler for a case 310 crawler (gas engine 1955). A friend of mine is willing to make it for me but I don't know what to use. Is there a type of steel that does not need heat treatment after machining? I know they are available at the case dealer but are cost prohibitive for me. Thanks very much.

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    I have a 310.

    Your request is too vague... ring and pinion pinion, bullgear pinion in final drive, coupler????

    Best bet if it is a spiral bevel gear, is to just get one from a used tractor parts dealer.

    Fancy machinery needed to generate most bevel and hypoid gearing ( there are a couple simpler ways) a lot of precision form tool grinding for cutter.

    Then finish grinding with a form ground wheel after heat treat....

    If this is for differential, it is a high speed gear with a fairly heavy loading, and quite a bit of shock loading...

    Proper steel selection and heat treat will be very important.

    Very expensive for a one off from a gear supplier...
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      If it does not 'need' to be heat treated to become very hard, then its allready too hard to machine with conventional methods. Thats the whole point of the heat treatment, to make it hard AFTER you cut it.
      And unfortualy it also deforms the part enough that you praticaly HAVE to grind it to final size after you are done heat treating, the milling before heat treating just 'roughs it out' so the grinder does not take 2 weeks.

      Your gonna have to explain the part you wish made a little better.
      Gears are best bought as its quite an investment to (ask someone else to) start making them.
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        Ask baddog - he's been down the track of making the blank and getting the "largish" bevel gears/s cut and fitted.


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          Try General Gear in Idaho or each.

          I'm thinking final pinion and coupler to steering clutch could build up with weld and recut the profile.......these parts after 60 yrs have a habit of becoming scarce and same parts worn on almost all.......gentle re-engagement of your steering clutches should keep shock and torque levels down abit.........
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            Hardtail, not the engagement of the steering clutches, so much as the stump, or chunk of surface plate granite that pops up.. Or the rocks that bind up sprocket/chain.

            Old dozers/loaders need $$ applied any way you look at them...

            Being a miner, I get to keep 50 to 60 year old rigs going,

            Good (hard to find tho ) used parts, are always cheaper than new..

            My 310 was brought up to AK, in the hope of mining for gold in ground that has bigger rocks than it is...

            Did not work out for some reason...
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              Gear Marerial?

              NO HEAT TREAT perhaps instead of 8620 material which machines nice but should be heat treated you may try a tool steel like sps or A2 but these materials are all designed to be heat treated for proper strength. I made two toolroom vices many years ago from SPS and they have stood the test of time quite well. But for proper material performance and even after machining you should get them heat treated prooperly. Rockwell 58 60 to a carburized depth of .030 . (This is the specification I had My last Hypoid gear Project Heat Treated this way worked out very well. It has been running daily so far no problems and I even got paid)ALSO if you leave material inside the gear bore (if it is not a pinion) you can machine out the bore after heat treat distortion and keep the inside bore and outside tooth form symetrical. Especially important on Hypoid Gears.


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                pinion and coupler

                The ring gear is fine. The pinion has coarse splines on the end that fits into the center of the rear sprocket. The opposite end has a coupler connecting it to a short axle. I have heard so much conflicting information I came here to get it straight. What would be a durable type of steel to use even with heat treat after machining?


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                  Machinery's Handbook ( in standard steels section) shows many steels suitable for pinions.

                  3115,3120,4320 (carburized)
                  4023 etc...