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1/5 HP motor getting hot

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  • 1/5 HP motor getting hot

    I picked up this motor for cheap for a project I'm working on. There will be pics of the project a little later, I want to finish up a couple things first.

    There is a little resistance on it, but not a huge amount, and it's chain drive at the moment in my setup becasue I havent been able to find a belt the right size yet.

    I guess what im asking, is it normal for it to get really hot? I can only keep my fingers on it for about a second, then its too hot. After I picked up the motor, and mounted it to my project, i noticed its the same motors we use at work to drive fans to blow clean air into manholes.

    Is it a fan motor? or do I have too much resistance on it?

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    Should be able to keep your hand on it for a count of 5


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      Time to measure the current draw. The name plate lists the rated amps.



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        It's a fan motor aka Air Over motor,without a flan blade pushing air to it the thing will run hot and eventually burn up.Prolly came out of an exhaust fan or similar.

        You might try a 115v muffin fan mounted to the back endbell and see if that helps.
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          ok, thanks.

          I assumed it was a fan motor after I saw the same one mounted on a fan. I might try to add a pipe into the back of it, and use the rear shaft to mount a fan, then it can suck air over my electronics and then through the motor. should keep the electronics cool too then!!


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            Also make sure teh capacitor is the right size. That's a motor that uses a start/run capacitor (PSC) and if the cap is the wrong value, it will not perform correctly, may heat up, etc.

            A PSC motor has the right size capacitor when its power factor is minimum, which is when it's current draw is least at full power.

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