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  • Mike of the North
    This forum is not set up to sell parts, if you want to sell parts try,

    owner of a Logan 1805

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    Logan 830 Parts Available

    Hello All,
    I think of myself as a retirement age inventor with several patents under my belt. Until now most of my time has been spent in my reasonably well appointed woodshop where I keep experimenting with prototype wooden creations which I try to place with and license to some manufacturer with a CNC operation and who can take things to a higher distribution level.
    Occasionally I have the need for customized (stronger than wood) metal transitional parts and this past year have decided to seriously consider adding a modest metal lathe to my shop. The fact is that while I am creative and enthusiastic , I am a novice machinist and so far have been doing a lot of reading and self educating about metal lathes.
    For Practicality and budgetary reasons I decided look at vintage American made equipment and see what looked good. It wasn’t long before I journeyed to an adjacent state in my Chrysler Cirrus with a knock down back seat and returned with a basket case 830 Logan Turret lathe (flat belt) for short dollars and started to study the practicality of trying to restore it. It needs some parts. So I decided to look for another 10” swing 43” bed Logan that I could acquire for its various parts. It was becoming evident to me that achieving my final goal of having a good condition operational Logan in my shop was turning into both an adventure and a protracted project.
    My search for a parts lathe lead me and a helper to go on a 400 mile day trip down to Long Island to pick up the next puzzle piece. This one turned out to be a Logan 1820 that was in better condition than I expected and until recently had been in operation in a machine shop that recently closed. When I got it home I initially set it up in a transitional garage where it could rest for the balance of the winter and I could collect my thoughts of what to do with it.
    It wasn’t long that I realized this newer 1956 model v-belt unit with Quick Change gears would be more practical and less work to restore than the 830. So that is my current direction.
    The 830 parts list includes Legs, Tray, spindle set up , some collets related parts on the end of the head stock, a four post lever action turret, a cross slide action carriage for multiple tool posts and an very fine looking set of ways.
    Is there anyone in the need of any of these Logan 830 parts?

    Contact me at [email protected]. Address to Dick.