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  • poor old machines

    i have just had two old feral machines take up residence and demand cleaning feeding lodge and board and free electricity and so on.

    the first is a Racine power hacksaw manufactured for the U.S. Navy on 7-14-43 .
    It has "aero 'stamped on on the plate - which is resonable as they flew seaplanes ect out of here
    - the contract number is - 2885-11413
    class - utility
    type - w3b
    serial number c2280

    needs a few parts- mainly bearings -

    any one have a similar machine or know where i can find info ?

    the second machine is a benchmaster milling machine-
    well this is a machine that women would call-"cute"
    but doesnot appear to have been used much- if at all - could it have been a kit ?
    needs a few parts - looked at lathes and got the exploded diagram , brochure ect .
    it apparanly can be converted from verticle to horizontal milling .

    does anybody have one , or have seen this beast?

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    I too have a Racine hacksaw, about the same vintage. I haven't been able to locate any information at all. A few nice peopel from this site did send me some pictures of their Racine saws that are similar to mine. I would be happy to e mail those to you if it helps. I would also like to see pictures of yours if possible. My saw is missing the racheting parts and automatic lift parts. The bearings are also loose, but I plan to bore them, and replace with either cast iron bushings or bronze.


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      I might have some Racine stuff at work I'll check tomorrow.



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        Is this what you are looking for?
        To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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          That should do for the Benchmaster info if nobody took the hint. Do I take it that yours has the vertical head?

          They as you will see in the link, were not a kit, but a product.

          The kit one you might be thinking about is Lewis. They had a shaper kit, and I think they had a mill kit also. I think I saw a reference to them somewhere, with a horizontal mill kit.

          Seems odd, as I regard a horizontal mill and a shaper as being for the same sort of jobs in general. You would have thought they would do a vertical mill, which would have added more capability to their line.

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            Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you for the pictures. I have some similar, but yours help a great deal. I need to somehow make one of the arms and both pawls (I guess that's the right term). I think the larger part with teeth on the "internal" radius that I already have will work. Now, if I could find someone with those parts for sale I think I might just buy instead of make them. Any suggestions where I might find those items?


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              I had a Benchmaster Vertical mill, and Rudy Kouhoupt has one.
              They are an excellent little machine. Cast iron and steel construction, not a toy like most of the mini mills. Only drawback is the lack of downfeed on the spindle.
              Jim H.


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                You can have the parts that you need for the cost of the shipping. It is unlikly that I will ever need them as my Racine is in good shape.
                Let me know what parts you want and your mailing address.
                To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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                  i thought the bench master was a kit because the parts were all greased and wrapped up and there were a few unmachined pieces- which i am guessing were for another kit - i have to lay all the bits out on the floor and sort them then give all the greasy bits a boil in a barrel with some tsp .

                  there is just the verticle head - not the horizontal head.
                  should not be too difficult to make one though.

                  the racine hacksaw is in pieces now,but there is another around here and the owner is willing to dissasemble it to find out how it works .
                  it looks like a one armed iron crab at work-with lots of wizzing clcking and farting sounds .

                  i will take pictures when i get the chance.

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                    J.C., the Benchmaster does have a micrometer vertical adjustment on the table does it not?



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                      Al; It has a regular knee with a calibrated, resettable dial just like other milling machines. Not exactly micrometer adjustment, but accurate for most purposes. All in all, it is a very good little machine.
                      Jim H.


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                        i deposited the little benchmaster into the barrel and boiled away - all the grease and paint came off -revealing that some idiot had drilled a line of holes -sort of broadside style-across the table ,then presumably heaved the thing against the wall , as a bit of bronze brazing hidden by the paint and crud revealed .
                        so its been through the wars . but what a seriuosly heavy little machine.

                        the racine is in far better shape abuse wise , it appears to be sailor proof-although the hydraulic down feed is going to be fun.


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                          Sent you an e-mail with a Racine manual...I don't know if it is for your model but hopefully it helps.

                          Edit#1: Sent an unsolicited Racine manual to you too firbikrhd1

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                            Do Benchmaster Mills show up on the used market very often?

                            Al Messer, the mill-less one


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                              I looked for 13 years before I found one, but by then I had a Bridgeport.
                              I looked because when I told a shop foreman friend that I was starting a home machine shop, and he said get a benchmaster Vertical...perfect for a small shop.
                              only seen 2 in real life in the past 38 years
                              What do they say about "Hens Teeth"?