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Robots writing calligraphy?

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  • Robots writing calligraphy?

    The first is an interesting find. Dont know what this is supposed to accomplish other than to just accomplish it; and that may be why it fits here. Sometimes I just do things to do them.

    Anyhow, a youtube video of a robot writing out the bible, in German.

    Robotic Calligraphy

    And something more fun/hillbilly/stupid... just cause its the weekend

    Robot rollercoster

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    I'd expect that robot to be able to do that. More challenging would be getting that calligraphy pen to auto-feed ink properly!

    They had mechanical signature writers back in the 1700s. They were novelties.


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      I have had an idea to build something along those lines for quite a while now. What I want to build is a robot arm that can be positioned in front of a canvas and paint a picture. It would use actual oil paints provided on a palette in specific positions keyed to the colours it will use. It would be able to pick up various brushes and replace them.

      I would have to write some software that would examine an image and convert it to brush strokes much the same as this picture which I converted from a photo I took. The brush strokes would the become polylines which would be used to generate the CNC tool path. Color values would be embedded as tool changes with one brush for each colour and stroke density and width would be altered by changing the "cutting velocity".

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        Deus ex machina?