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    I've been working on a black powder horn lately. I bored the pour hole to 1/4". But the pour hole needs to be tapered so the stopper holds tight.

    I arbitrarily selected a 1:40 taper (1/32" over 1 1/4"). (I hope I have the nomenclature correct - the resulting hole will be 1/4" on one end and 5/16" on the other.)

    Since I'm dealing with a soft material I used a piece of home center bar stock and made a tapered reamer. Only a single cutting edge was needed. The other edge was rounded and rode against the far edge of the hole. The tool worked well enough considering it took me 10 minutes to make it using a hacksaw and 2 files. It didn't occur to me to use my grinder, .

    I chucked a piece of cherry in the 4-jaw, put a 1/2" wood chisel in a quick-change tool holder, and turned a 3/8" cylinder. I centered the blank by eye - my tailstock is not yet repaired so I can't turn between centers.

    I've never turned a taper but total ignorance doesn't usually slow me down I turned a 5/16" registration ring 1 1/4" from the right end and a 1/4" on the right end. After a revisit to trigonometry, I set my newly repaired compound to 1.6 degrees (I had to guestimate, having no magnifier) and cut the taper using the cross-slide, stopping when I hit the registration rings.

    It turned out better than I deserved!

    Now, if I had only been smart enough to sand the stopper while it was still in the 4-jaw...
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