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OT: Plugging the Guatamalan sinkhole...

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  • OT: Plugging the Guatamalan sinkhole...

    It seems yet another sinkhole has collapsed in Guatamala, to go along with the one that fell in back in 2007.

    What I've never been able to find out, however, is how do they fix something like that?

    The comments on one of those pages suggested that's 60,000 cubic yards of dirt- I haven't done the math since none of the articles suggest a diameter, but that sounds low to me.

    Do they, in fact, just hire a bunch of dumptrucks to run countless thousands and thousands of loads of dirt, fill and gravel into the hole? Do the Guatemalan police just add some "do not cross" tapes and go about their business, knowing that the shantytown will have the hole filled with household garbage, trash and the occasional body within a few months? Does an opportunistic supervillain sneak in in the dead of night, construct a new "roof" over the hole, and then build a massive underground lair to hide the stolen Russian nuclear missile he plans to threaten the UN with?

    Seriously, though, I presume they fill it in? They can't just leave it to keep collapsing, so it's either abandon a big chunk of downtown, or hire 200 dumptrucks to run nonstop for a year and a half...

    Anyone know?
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    if thats the hole, just wait for the golf-ball !!

    I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure , but I'm not a complete idiot - some bits are still missing


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      Is that real or photoshop??

      Where has all the dirt gone?

      I suppose it could be Graboids -

      If it does'nt fit, hit it.


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        That extact and staight hole looks so unreal to me.
        Many years ago, we had a much smaller hole in Munich. It happend during building the subway. A bus with passengers was sunk in it. The hole was completely irregular.
        An other similar accident a few years ago on Cologne (?) also looked completly different.

        I can't imagine how the hole can come out cylindrical from bottom to top, 100m long. I can't see considerable doming in the photos.



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          Cool! 1200" tapered reamer.
          But where are all the chips?


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            They are real. They are all over Central America. The Mayans used them as sacrifice pits. It's hard to see them from overhead usually because of the tropical vegetation but the ones in shallow water stand out nicely.

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              We may the first ever to have actually seen sock heaven.



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                Man, it looks photoshopped, but this one from 2007 doesn't. 330 feet deep!

                If you look down in the hole, are there are bunch of lawyers down there?
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                  Dunno about the sink holes,but building levees takes a lot of dirt,Local outfit is just finishing a 750,000 yard job for the Army Corp.150 26yd trucks making an average of 192 give or take loads of clay each and it goes pretty quick

                  Bigger question is,where do you get all the dirt from?
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Originally posted by wierdscience
                    Bigger question is,where do you get all the dirt from?
                    LOL Darin! Has the Corps of Engineers been digging in Guatemala?
                    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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                      I'd like to see how big the cave is under all those sink holes.
                      It's only ink and paper


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                        That would sure solve some landfill problems around here.
                        Reckon they'd sell it?


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                          Actualy, you don't hire dumptrucks to deposit fill
                          Dumptrucks pay *YOU* for somewhere to put the fill!
                          Unfortualy this means assholes on quite roads get orders for 50,000 cubic yards and have dumptrucks running down the road non stop once every 5 mins for 6+ months, like they did at my old place, just to make a couple bucks as they raise thier entire yard up 6' for no damn reason.
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                            Black Moons, Maybe they wanted to live on a hill or maybe they are in a flood plain and you don't know it. Have you thought about asking them about it?
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                            It's only ink and paper


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                              I got it! They could throw all of the illegal aliens the Border Patrol rounds up here into the hole....It would be filled up in no time.

                              Maybe even toss in a few of the "immigration civil rights" protesters in too.

                              Yes, it was my understanding that you have to be a "CITIZEN" of the USA to have "civil rights"
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