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14x40 Lathe at scrap yard Murfreesboro TN

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  • 14x40 Lathe at scrap yard Murfreesboro TN

    Does anyone here live near Murfreesboro TN. 37130?

    There is a 14x40 lathe at the scrap yard near the front entrance gate. It has been covered up with a blue tarp to keep the rain off. Price is 20 cents per lb. It looks pretty good to me but I am not familiar with this lathe.

    There is also a 6 ft power shear. Blade is dull it will need to be sharpened or replaced. Other than that it works fine I turned the flywheel and put it in gear to test it. It is also 20 cents per lb.

    The people that own the scrap yard typically think things like this will sell so they leave them set for a while. If it doesn't well in 6 or 8 months then it goes into a railroad car and is shipped off as scrap metal.

    Clarks Iron and Metal is the name of the place. It is located about 1/2 clock south west of the intersection of Broad Street and Church St.

    There was a smaller lathe at the scrap yard 4 weeks ago some guy was having it loaded on his pickup truck when I arrived. It looked like a 10x36 quick change gear head lathe.

    There is a large 2 cylinder air compressor there too. 50 gallon tank twin cylinder 2 stage compressor with motor.

    There are also 6 tractor trailer trucks for sale. I don't have a clue about these. Just the tractor part of the truck no trailer. Someone drove them in with the tires and parked them and walked away.

    There are 3 flat bed trailers. Tires are flat or shot not sure which.

    There is also a large military truck. It looks like one of those old WWII trucks.

    There is also a large diesel generator. I did not inspected it very close it might have a 4 or 6 cylinder engine. I'm sure it has a KW tag on it but I never looked at it. From the size I bet is it 10 to 20 KW.

    If there is anyone on this forum that lives close enough to come take a look you might get lucky and find something you want. They open the gate at 7 am and close at 5 pm Monday to Friday.

    There are other things for sale they have one whole section that is filled with things they are trying to resell. There is a good size farm tractor there too. There is a section where riding lawn mowers are lined up like used cars on a car lot.

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    Sounds like a neat place. Used to be one like it not far from me, but they went belly up.