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Victoria Vise info?

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  • Victoria Vise info?

    I just bought this vise locally.
    English 4.5" vise, Victoria brand.
    It's much heavier than the 4" Palmgren on my Millrite, but it's a bit rough, especially the jaws. Movement is tight and smooth
    Any way to determine age?
    What do I need to do replace the jaws?

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    Can't help you with age but I'd guess 60's-70's manufacture. I had a Victoria Dividing Head about 6 years ago, bigger model, well made ("fine piece of kit" was how one member here called it). Ran off table of a bigger horizontal. Traded it for a Gorton Pantograph
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      That sounds about right. I'm going to strip the paint and refinish, and make some new jaws for it.

      Thanks all, for the info.


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        Victoria Vice sounds like the screen name of some shady web-cam-services provider.
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          I knew there was a reason I was drawn to this thing.